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Academic Program Data

Major and Minor reports include Fall enrollment data on the declared majors and minors of degree-seeking students. All reports reflect official data as of the university's census date (10th day of classes) based on UW-System CDR ( Central Data Request) definitions.

Undergraduates by College Graduates Students by College
Undergraduates by Major Graduate Students by Major
Undergraduates by Minor and Emphasis
Undergraduates with Multiple Majors
Undergraduates and Graduates Enrolled in Online Academic Programs

Resources: Guide to Academic Program Reporting

PDF reporting of disaggregate data for Academic Programs has been reduced. Please visit the Dashboards to the right for this information.

Last updated: Dec. 2022 |  Next update: Dec. 2023  |  Census date: Fall Enrollment - 10th Day of Instruction

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College Profiles Dashboard

College Profiles Dashboard


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