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LEAP Resources

Explore the many tools and resources that past LEAP teams and individuals have created to implement LEAP into their classrooms, work environments, and daily processes. Use these samples to help guide you in your LEAP journey. Have questions? Email us at

LEAP Essentials

Interested in LEAP? Below are various documents associated with the initiative. If you have any questions please e-mail us at

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LEAP Articles

The University of Wisconsin - Parkside completed a collaboration website to share all LEAP posters that were included during LEAP Day 2016 that can be viewed here.

Please view the Innovation Hub, a UW System initiative supported by AAC&U and the Lumina Foundation, in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin - Parkside.

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For more information, explore:

The LEAP Initiative from AAC&U, AAC&U's LEAP Vision for Learning: Outcomes, Practices, Impact, and Employer Views and their executive summary College Learning for the New Global Century

The LEAP Initiative at UW-Whitewater.

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