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Collaborative Research Network at UW-Whitewater

The goal of the Collaborative Research Network is to help faculty make connections with other faculty from across campus, exploring the many ideas that unite our disciplines, and sharing their work with the growing number of interdisciplinary outlets. Faculty development research suggests that the most productive scholars collaborate extensively—maintaining multiple research projects simultaneously.

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Effective spring term 2003, the LEARN Center began supporting a database of UW-Whitewater faculty interested in participating in collaborative research.


Note, by being listed in the database, you are in no way obligated to participate in a collaborative project. Rather, you're simply indicating a willingness to explore collaborative research opportunities with others that share your interests. You are, of course, free to have your name removed from the database at any time. 

If you'd like to be included in the database, simply contact the LEARN Center at e-mail: learn@uww.edu or phone#: 262-472-5242 with the information below :

  1. Name
  2. Department
  3. Preferred E-mail Address
  4. Campus Telephone
  5. Research Topics/Areas of Interest
  6. Preferred Methodologies (e.g., quantitative, qualitative, critical, etc.)
  7. Special skills (e.g., statistical analysis, editing, etc.)


If you have questions, contact the LEARN Center email: learn@uww.edu or phone#: 262-472-5242

Sorted by Name or Sorted by Departments