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*Preferred Methodologies (e.g. quantitive, qualitative, critical, etc.)

**Special Skills (e.g. statistical analysis, editing, etc.)

Name Department E-mail Address Campus Phone Research Topics/Areas of Interest Preferred Methodologies* Special Skills**
Leon Arriola Mathematical and Computer Sciences arriolal@uww.edu 5163 Applied mathematics: modeling/simulation of the spread of epidemics, sensitivity analysis, graph theory, dynamical systems: discrete & continuous Mathematica, MATLAB, LaTeX
Ray Baus Communication bausr@uww.edu 1062 Health (e.g., care giving; public health; social support; safer sex)
Cross-cultural Communication (e.g., language learning acquisition; intercultural willingness to communicate)
Conflict Resolution (e.g., couples’ conflict management; dialectic tension management strategies)
I am familiar with both qualitative and quantitative research I am proficient in quantitative methods; including SPSS package
Ron Berger Sociology bergerr@uww.edu 1133 Disabled athletes, Holocaust survivors, law-violating adolescent peer groups, memoir as qualitative inquiry Qualitative Editing, publishing experience
Bob Benjamin Deparment of Physics benjamir@uww.edu 5114 Physics, Fluid dynamics, Computational physics and numerical modelling. Numerical simulation, Video analysis, Experimental physics Unix/Linux experience, Numerical methods, Grant writing (NASA/NSF)
Prajukti Bhattacharyya Geography and Geology bhattacj@uww.edu 5257 Deformation mechanisms of solid materials, including, but not limited to rocks, experimental and/or field based studies of deformation, 3D strain analyses, microstructures, geological mapping, petrology, pedagogical research, effective science teaching techniques, class demonstrations and/or innovative lab assignments in geological sciences Quantitative, experimental, analytical Polarized optical microscopy, Computer graphics
Scott Bradley Communicative Disorders bradleys@uww.edu 5202 Hearing, acoustics, occupational hearing conservation Open to a number of paradigms Technical skills in topics of interest.
Jo Ellen Burkholder Women’s Studies/
burkholj@uww.edu 5776 Cultural heritage and heritage preservation, social archaeology, iconography, ceramic and textile production Qualitative and quantitative methods, interested in geospatial analysis Interview and participant observation studies, stratigraphic excavation, pedestrian survey, writing for popular audience (e.g. reference work), speak Spanish
Catherine Chan Biology chanc@uww.edu 5133 Calcium signaling in plants (structure function analysis, mutagenesis, protein, purification, plant physiology in response to changes in external stimuli) Qualitative Plant physiology, molecular biology, protein expression
William Chandler Curriculum & Instruction chandleb@uww.edu 5438 Art education; alternative education; emancipatory pedagogy; learning environment; architecture of Antoni Gaudi Qualitative Good collaborator; Can walk for 500 miles
Sang D. Choi Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health chois@uww.edu 1641 Occupational Safety and Health; Industrial Ergonomics; Work and Measurement and Design; Product Design/Evaluation Quantitative Statistical analysis, research/experimental design
Richard G. Cummings Accounting cummingr@uww.edu 3936 Tax Accounting and Public Policy Implications, financial accounting, accounting education Open to any Great sense of humor!
Simone DeVore Special Education devores@uww.edu 5808 Early childhood programming and childcare issues All are needed depending on project focus Interviewing and dimensional analysis (grounded theory).
Ruiying Ding Communicative Disorders dingr@uww.edu 5201 Swallow physiology changes in various patient groups, surface EMG of muscle groups during swallowing, electrical stimulation of muscles during swallowing Quantitative Use of EMG technique
Thomas Drucker Mathematical and Computer Sciences druckert@uww.edu 5173 History and philosophy of mathematics, statistics and logic religion and science Writing in a non-quantitative way about quantitative disciplines Statistics
Sheila Feay-Shaw Curriculum & Instruction feayshas@uww.edu 1341 Music Teaching and Pedagogy, World Music and Cultural Studies, White privilidge as it relates to teacher candidates. Qualitative Research including Ethnography Editing, Writing, Proofreading
Ann Garvin HPERC garvina@uww.edu 5644 Hybrid of exercise physiology and psychology, Primarily the effects of exercise on anxiety, mood, depression, stress, and disordered eating. Also anaerobic and aerobic excessive, acute and chronic .Physiological measurements of oxygen consumption during exercise and at rest(metabolism), muscle biopsy, blood analysis (insulin and carbohydrate utilization, blood pressure, and lactate analysis) Quantitative Research design and analysis, Registered Nurse, more invasive research that may involve blood work
Anne Hamilton Political Science hamiltoa@uww.edu 1214 The relationship between culture and politics; regional areas of interest include Europe (Russia in particular) and Latin America (Argentina in particular). Qualitative, but I'm open to various methodological approaches.
Chris Henige Art History henigec@uww.edu 5565 Medieval Art and Architecture, Monasticism, Art of the Ancient Southwest No preference Computer/
Jeff Heriot Music Department herriotj@uww.edu 1424 Music composition. Interested in collaborating with artists, dancers, musicians, filmmakers or multimedia artists. NA Electronic equipments, Recording, Sound manipulation
Paul House Chemistry housep@uww.edu 1551 Biomolecule structure, enzyme structure/function, green/environmental chemistry. No Preference Variety of spectroscopies, vacuum systems, protein expression and purification
Richard Jazdzewski UHCS jazdzewr@uww.edu 1305 College student mental health, psychology, human development. Quantitative
Thomas Kim Hixson Communication HixsonT@uww.edu 1906 Advertising, Promotion, Advertising and Media effects, Sport and Entertainment Promotion and Marketing Quantitative Editing, Lit Reviews, Survey Construction, Statistical Analysis
Joseph Hogan Languages and Literatures hoganj@uww.edu 5048 Cross-cultural autobiography and autobiographies of mental illness, focusing on issues of identity, agency, and the rhetoric of self-representation. Critical and Qualitative Editing, Critical Analysis
Linda Holmes Accounting holmesl@uww.edu 5451 Critical thinking and learning, environmental reporting, laws/economy/
quality of life, historically black colleges and universities.
Empirical studies I have taken about 24 hours of statistics including time series and econometrics.
Paul House Chemistry housep@uww.edu 1551 Biomolecule structure, enzyme structure/function, green/environmental chemistry No Preference Variety of spectroscopies, vacuum systems, protein expression and purification
Maxwell Hsu Marketing hsum@uww.edu 5471 Business related or business education related Quantitative Statistical analysis using SPSS or SAS (particularly, structural equation modeling)
Teresa Huerta Curriculum & Instruction huertat@uww.edu 5798 Qualitative Ethnographic Research
James Jaffe History jaffej@uww.edu 1103 Industrial relations, ADR Open Historical analysis; critical reading; legal/historical background.
Richard Jazdzewski UHCS jazdzewr@uww.edu 1305 College student mental health, psychology, human development Quantitative
Cristy Jefson HPERC jefsonc@uww.edu 1966 Comprehensive School Health Education: Sexuality/Parenting Education and the adolescent; Consumer Health (marketing and health information); Substance Use & Abuse (Tobacco prevention education programs) Qualitative Working within public school systems (specifically, urban districts) with teachers, students, parents and administrators to implement comprehensive school health education programs, Editing
Therese Kennedy Recreation Sports and Facilities kennedyt@uww.edu 1145 Student issues/ retention/ behaviors/ athletics/ socialization Qualitative Not statistical. Common sense approach?
Susan Kidd Curriculum & Instruction kidds@uww.edu 5814 Interested in Math Education Qualitative or Quantitative Methodologies
Ann Knabe Communication thinkPR@wi.rr.com 5068 Distance learning, collaborative learning, public relations, learning theory applied to college classroom. I am open Maybe editing?
Jim Larson Psychology larsonj@uww.edu 5412 School violence/youth violence, anger/aggression interventions, school discipline Quantitative Know APA style well and reasonably good editor
Robert Leitheiser Management/MCS leitheir@uww.edu 1468 Information System Analysis & Design Quantitative and Qualitative IT analysis and design methodologies; programming; statistical analysis
Mark Lencho Languages and Literatures lenchom@uww.edu 5062 Linguistics (syntax, Slovak) and SoTL (grading, assessment, student-teacher interaction, student evaluations), Literature (Vonnegut and Pirsig), and US Foreign Policy (Noam Chomsky) No Preference Some proficiency in Slovak, comprehensive familiarity with works of Kurt Vonnegut, Robert Pirsig, and Noam Chomsky.
Elena Levy-Navarro Languages and Literatures levye@uww.edu 5047 Fat studies (the construction of the fat and thin bodies respectively both in early and late modernity), Early Modern Cultural and Literary Studies, History of Sexuality, including especially considerations of alternatives to our modern heterosexual regime, Queer theory, Shakespeare Beside being humanistic, broadly conceived, is constructionist in nature Beside being humanistic, broadly conceived, is constructionist in nature
Dr. Guoli Liang HPERC liangg@uww.edu 1369 Education, Pedagogy, Technology Quantitative, Qualitative, Critical Statistical Analysis
Beth L. Lueck Languages and Literatures lueckb@uww.edu 5054 19th-Century American women writers, especially Harriet Beecher Stowe & E.D.E.N. Southworth Critical and Historical No particular special skills
Paula Mohan Political Science mohanp@uww.edu 5772 Tribal-state relations, ethnicity and its impact on politics, media and political communication, democratic theory and participation, philosophy of technology, Qualitative and Quantitative I am proficient in statistical analysis and well-read in contemporary critical theory.
William T. Mickelson Mathematics and Computer Science mickelsw@uww.edu 5169 Robustness/
performance of statistical tests and procedures; statistics education; measurement; program evaluation
Mixed Methods I’m an applied statistician with over 20 years of academic and industry consulting experience. Special skills include: Experimental/Research design; multivariate statistical methods; robust/non-parametric statistical methods; making difficult statistical concepts/methods accessible & understandable;
Barbara S. Monfils Communication monfilsb@uww.edu 1055 International & Intercultural Communication, Communication Technology, African Studies, Latin American Studies, Caribbean folklore Qualitative and Quantitative Computer consultant on SPSS(mainframe version), Reading knowledge in Spanish and French
Leda Nath Sociology nathl@uww.edu 1125 Work and occupations, social psychology, and teaching (SoTL) topics Quantitative, esp experimental and survey design Statistical analysis, esp SPSS
Hien Nguyen Mathematical and Computer Sciences nguyenh@uww.edu 5170 User Modeling, Information Retrieval, Collaborative Filtering, Human Factors Quantitative, Qualitative Programming Languages (Java, C)
Don Norman Counselor Education normand@uww.edu 5424 Attitude toward difficult client populations, enhancing student learning via use of actors/clients in the classroom, personal/professional growth issues, teacher mentoring Quantitative ???
Jo Ann Oravec Business Education/
Computer & Network Administration
oravecj@uww.edu 5578 Knowledge management, computer supported cooperative work, philosophy of science, creativity, women's studies, privacy and surveillance, interactive toys and games, anything pertaining to science, technology and society Online survey development, Collaborative filtering/recommended system design, Critical theory/ethno methodologies, Web log analysis, Historical analysis
K. Praveen Parboteeah Management parbotek@uww.edu 3971 Interface between social institutions and individual behavior; ethics; technology and innovation management; international management Quantitative SPSS, Hierarchical Linear Modeling
Barb Penington Communication peningtb@uww.edu 1983 Listening, family communication, cross cultural communication Qualitative, but can do quantitative as well
P.B. Poormantd> Psychology poormanp@uww.edu 5418 Women's mental health; abuse trauma, aftermath, perceptions; resilience; lesbian issues; pedagogy of empathy Quantitative, Qualitative; mixed design SPSS; Qualitative analysis; focus group interviewing
Penny Portman HPERC portmanp@uww.edu 5643 Gender equity Any Editing
Asif Rasheed Chemistry rasheeda@uww.edu 5267 Polymer blends, polymer nanocomposites, characterization, carbon nanotubes No Preference Blends and nanocomposites processing and characterization
Linda Reid Finance/Business Law reidl@uww.edu 5458 Law, especially commercial, both US and International, Bankruptcy and debtor,creditor relations, Irish history and law Qualitative, Critical Writing, Editing, Online legal research, Harvard Blue Book
David Remmele Accounting remmeled@uww.edu 5464 Finance, accounting Open Excel expert.
Ann Riall Special Education rialla@uww.edu 5809 Home visits for infants and toddlers with disabilities; comparing recommended practice with realities of the field Qualitative Editing, writing, quantitative research design, knowledge of literature in this area.
Diana Rogers-Adkinson Special Education rogersad@uww.edu 4847 Language ability and children with behavior problems, cultural interactions with disability, juvenile corrections Quantitative Editing, design
Liz Roth Art liz@lizroth.com 1043 History of art materials, art, art history, the computer and art Actually, I'd love to talk with a geologist, and/or a physical chemist and design a science/art course regarding the manufacture and history of art materials. Visual formal analysis, esthetic skills, painting, preinmaking (etching, relief, lithography) and graphic design.
Ellie Schemenauer Women's Studies schemene@uww.edu 2872 Gender and international relations, operating logics of the security state, human rights, feminist pedagogy, the local/global nexus, identity, postcoloniality Qualitative methods, discourse analysis, interpretation Editing, theory
Wallace Sherlock Curriculum & Instruction sherlocw@uww.edu 1831 Foreign Language, ESL, Bilingual Pedagogy, Russian Language and Literature, Comparative Education
Mark Skidmore Economics skidmorm@uww.edu 1354 Public sector economics, Economic development, Economics of natural disasters Quantitative Econometrics/statistics, skills in working with time series/cross section data
Peter Smudde Communication smuddep@uww.edu 5049 Applying theories of rhetoric and of organizations to the practice and management of public relations; industry analysis relations and communication of corporate performance (financial, product/service development, etc.); performance measurements for public relations. Critical analysis; Combining criticism with quantitative/
qualitative methods)
Editing, document design, discourse conventions, 15 years professional experience in industry and consulting.
Dan Stalder Psychology stalderd@uww.edu 5419 Social psychology and personality; more specifically, cognitive dissonance theory, social comparison theory, attribution theory, and the traits attributional complexity and need for closure; interest in applying the above topics/theories to interpersonal relationships, education, and politics; working on some theoretical papers within some of the above topics/theoreies and the topic of helping behavior (specifically the "bystander effect"); also has done research on the effectiveness of certain teaching strategies Quantitative M.S. in Mathematics, statistical training through introductory multivariate analysis, training in scale construction
Anne D'Antonio Stinson Curriculum & Instruction stinsona@uww.edu 1973 Literacy, especially adolescent & adult Literacy; alternative education programs; plurlaism in education; curriculum Qualitative Excellent writer; Works and plays well with others
Shannon Stuart Special Education stuarts@uww.edu 4877 Adolescent females, special education, career development and methods Editing
Louise Tourigny Management Department tourignl@uww.edu 5735 Leadership and ethnics (fundamental research in American Presidency), Occupational Mental Health (stress, burnout, depression) among nurses and other occupational groups, Occupation mental health of women, Coping, absence,turnover, and withdrawal behavior, Workplace deviance and workplace romance, Mentoring, Emotion and cognition, Populations studied: nurses in China, Japan, Canada, and other countries, employees in airline in Japan and China (now U.S.) Quanitative (SPSS, test of mediating, moderating, and direct versus indirect effects), Critical, Grounded theory Conceptual development, Writing, Data analysis
Tony Truog Ed Foundations truogt@uww.edu 5421 Measurement/ assessment/ research/ teaching/ chairperson Quantitative but will do qualitative or a combination Statistics/research
John Valadez Political Science valadezj@uww.edu 1676 Ethnic Politics, Movies and Politics and Urban Government Qualitative and Critical Critical analysis of movies and relating them to politics
David Van Doren Counselor Education vandored@uww.edu 1035 Trauma, Alcohol and other drugs, Counseling effectiveness Good listener.
Rebecca Wagner Oettinger Music/ World of the Arts oettingr@uww.edu 2874 Music as propaganda, Reformation history, sixteenth-century Germany, music as an educational tool, religious history Qualitative, critical, historical Music editing, textual editing
Hongxia Wang Occupational & Environmental Safety & Health wangh@uww.edu 1208 Indoor air quality, bioaerosol assessment in occupational settings Quantitative Industrial hygiene instrumentation
David Welsch Economics welschd@uww.edu 4715 Education Policy Research (Mostly K-12), Public Finance, Public Policy, Public Sector Economics, Econometrics, Applied Statistics (willing to work on many interesting applied statistics projects) Quantitative Statistical analysis, econometrics, large database management
Lynn Wellman Communication wellmanl@uww.edu 5066 Communication and aging, gender and family and nonverbal communication Both qualitative and quantitative Writing/editing.
Olivia Yang Curriculum & Instruction yang0@uww.edu 5823 Implementing inquiry strategies into sciences classes and understanding cultural differences on motivation in learning science Quantitative method or mixed method Statistical analysis
L. Roger Yin Business Education/
Computer End-User Technology
yinl@uww.edu 5476 Active learning and performance strategies (ALPS), technology-enhanced formative assessment, curricular design/redesign in professional training, technology education, and medical education. Hybrid of quantitative and qualitative methods to form triangulation. Computer-based and Web-enhanced teaching and training. Multimedia production.
John Zbikowski Curriculum & Instruction zbikowsj@uww.edu 4860 Writing Instruction, Reading Instruction, Use of Information and Communication Technology in Teachin, Staff Development for Teachers, Preservice Teacher Education Survey Research, Ethnographic Interviewing and Participant Observation