First Year Program Faculty: 2018 - 2019

Naomi Aguiar

Ph.D., University of Oregon

Dr. Aguiar joins the UW-Whitewater faculty from Georgetown University, where she was a post-doctoral fellow in the Children’s Digital Media Center. Her research interests are in the areas of developmental psychology, social cognition, virtual reality, digital games, robotics, imaginary companions, fantasy/reality distinction, children’s concepts of virtual entities, children’s relationships with imagined and/or virtual/robotic others. She has taught a variety of Psychology and Research Methods courses.

Erin Bauer

Ph.D., Claremont Graduate University

Dr. Bauer joins the UW-Whitewater faculty from Laramie County Community College, where she was the Director of Instrumental Music. Her research interests are broadly in the areas of music and culture, and she has published widely on these topics in journal articles, book chapters, encyclopedia entries and book reviews. Apart from having served as an instructor of music in various colleges, she also has teaching experiences at the middle and high school levels.

Alfonso Cervera

MFA, University of California-Riverside

Mr. Cervera joins us from California where he served as an adjunct faculty at the Riverside City College, Mt. San Jacinto College and Menifee College. He also served as the co-artistic director of Primera Generacion Dance Collective, the Fonzy & Hyoin Dance Collective and the Eloku Dance Company. He completed a number of commissioned works in recent years and was the Artist-in-Residence at the Barbara Arts Culver Center of the Arts in 2014 and 2017.

Nathaly Cormier

Ph.D., Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

Dr. Cormier joins the faculty of the Biological Sciences Department where she has served as a full time lecturer since 2014. She has taught a variety of Introductory Biology as well as Biotechnology Laboratory Methods courses. Her research interest is focused in the area of reproductive biology, using protein biochemistry and molecular biology techniques, and she has published widely on this topic.

Margaret ‘Susan’ DeVries

Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi

Dr. DeVries comes to UW-Whitewater from Edgewood College in Madison, WI, where she has served as an adjunct faculty since 2015. She previously was a post-doctoral fellow at UW-Madison. Her research interests are on the intersections of neurochemistry, sex hormones and behaviors in birds. She has taught a wide variety of courses in Biology, including Anatomy and Physiology and Pathology.

Katherine Drechsler

Ph.D., Aurora University

Dr. Drechsler joins the faculty of the Social Work Department, where she has served as a lecturer and the field coordinator since 2014. She has also worked as a licensed social worker in multiple locations in Wisconsin for a number of years, serving in the areas of adult mental health, child welfare, and juvenile justice. She has published widely in text book chapters on the topics of group work and motivational interviewing in social work.

Krastina Dzhambova

Ph.D., Boston College

Dr. Dzhambova joins the UW-Whitewater faculty from Boston College, where she also served as a statistical consultant in the Research Services Center. She has experience as a lecturer at Brandeis University and Boston College. Additionally, she has experience working as a financial analyst at Goldman Sachs. Her research interests are in empirical macroeconomics and international macroeconomics and finance.

Michael Hackett

Ph.D., Indiana University

Dr. Hackett comes to UW-Whitewater from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where he was an Assistant Professor of Trumpet and Jazz. He has multiple recordings with Summit Records and other labels. Most recently, Dr. Hackett is a member of the Piedmont/Triad Jazz Orchestra and the North Carolina Brass Band and has been a featured artist in many Jazz and Trumpet Festivals.

Ruth Hansen

Ph.D., Indiana University

Dr. Hansen joins the faculty of the Management Department where she has served as a lecturer since 2016. She has taught a variety of courses in the areas of non-profit and non-governmental organizations, social responsibility and business ethics, and organizational behavior. She has published widely on topics related to philanthropy and non-profit organizations, and has also held a variety of fund-raising positions.

Nikki Hollet

ABD, Auburn University

Ms. Hollet joins us from Auburn University in Alabama where she studies Kinesiology with an emphasis in sport pedagogy. She has taught a variety of kinesiology and physical education classes while serving as a teaching assistant and an adjunct faculty. Her research focuses on social status and the impact on engagement and outcomes within physical education group work to ensure optimal learning experiences in physical education.

Eunyoung Jang

ABD, University of Missouri

Prior to coming to UW-Whitewater, Ms. Jang has worked as a graduate assistant at the University of Missouri and the Seoul Women’s University. Her teaching interests include human diversity, research methods and design, research statistics, cultural issues, social justice and human behavior. She has a wide range of research interests that include cultural competence, multicultural/cross-cultural issues, immigrant and refugee, social interaction-social network, social support, social services, organization and management, and health-risk behavior.

Alaz Kilicaslan

ABD, Boston University

Mr. Kilicaslan comes to UW-Whitewater from Boston University where he taught as a lecturer and a teaching assistant. His scholarly interests include medical sociology, organizations, global health, economic sociology, professions and expertise, ethnographic methods, science and technology, social inequality, transnational sociology, and sociology of migration. He has published a book chapter and a book review on the sociology of health care.

Sheung-Tak (Derek) Lam

Ph.D., University of Virginia

Dr. Lam joins the faculty of UW-Whitewater after completing his doctoral studies at the University of Virginia. His main research interests are in the philosophy of mind, metaphysics, and philosophy of action. He has taught a variety of courses on metaphysics, ethics and moral psychology, and completed a two-year research-based certificate in pedagogical training at the University of Virginia’s Center for Teaching Excellence.

Sungchul Lee

Ph.D. University of Nevada – Las Vegas

Dr. Lee comes to Whitewater from the University of Nevada – Las Vegas, where he worked as a research assistant in the Center for Energy Research, a project that is supported by a $20 million grant from the National Science Foundation. His work on the project focuses on cyber infrastructure. His research interests include big data analytics, big data system, security, web service and internet of things device.

Ma de Lourdes Martinez-Nieto

ABD, Arizona State University

Ms. Martinez-Nieto joins UW-Whitewater after serving as a lecturer and a research assistant at the Arizona State University, while working on her Ph.D. in Speech and Hearing Science. She has taught courses in language acquisition, assessment and evaluation. She has published in the area of dual English-Spanish language learners and has presented internationally on language and language acquisition in Spanish-English bilingual children.

Denise Roseland

Ph.D., University of Minnesota

Before joining UW-Whitewater, Dr. Roseland worked as a high school teacher, as well as a lecturer on this campus and the University of Minnesota. She also served as the Senior Director of Career and Technical Education Planning an Evaluation for the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System Office. Her research interests include teacher preparation and professional development, program evaluation and entrepreneurship.

Brandon Thomas

Ph.D., University of Cincinnati

Dr. Thomas comes to UW-Whitewater from the University of Utah, where he served as a post-doctoral fellow. His Ph.D. is in experimental psychology and his research interest focuses on human perception. He has taught a variety of courses as an instructor and a teaching assistant at the University of Cincinnati, including research methods and sensation and perception. He has also published widely in the areas of cognitive and behavioral sciences.

Rhea Vichot

ABD, University of Southern California

Ms. Vichot joins the faculty of UW-Whitewater after teaching a variety of courses in the Media Arts and Game Development and the Communication Departments on campus. Her teaching and research interests are in the areas of communication theory and research, cultural studies and communication, communication and theories of gender/race/sexuality, cultural and communication studies of Japanese popular culture, and new media.

Yubing Wang

Ph.D., University of North Carolina – Greensboro

Dr. Wang comes to UW-Whitewater from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where he served as a research assistant and the laboratory director of the Pedagogical Kinesiology Lab. He has taught a variety of kinesiology classes as a teaching assistant. His research interests include lifelong physical activity education, children and adolescents’ motivation and learning in physical activity settings, and curriculum and instruction in physical education.

Alessandra Williams

Ph.D., University of California – Los Angeles

Prior to coming to UW-Whitewater, Dr. Williams has served as a Visiting Professor at Carleton College and as a lecturer, teaching fellow and associate at the University of California at Los Angeles. She has taught a variety of courses in dance history, indigenous worldviews, and world arts and cultures. Apart from conducting research in these areas, Dr. Williams has also participated in a large number of dance performances and choreographic work.

Weineng Xu

ABD, University of Arkansas

Mr. Xu joins the faculty of UW-Whitewater after serving as an instructor and teaching assistant at the University of Arkansas, where he taught finance and economics classes. His research interests are in the areas of corporate finance, corporate governance, social network in finance, experimental finance, household finance, and banking. He is interested in teaching a wide variety of courses that cover Corporate Finance, Investment, Valuation, Financial Markets and Institutions, International Finance, and Personal Finance

Yanhui Zhao

ABD, University of Connecticut

Prior to coming to UW-Whitewater, Ms. Zhao worked at the Eversource Energy Center and taught financial management at the University of Connecticut. She was recognized for excellence in teaching by the Office of the Provost at the University of Connecticut. Ms. Zhao previously worked as a consultant at the Treesdale Partners. Her research interests include options, asset pricing, momentum, and term structure of equity.