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Multicultural Videos

Video Subject Call Number
A Bowl of Beings Latino American .0000
A Cultural Journey and Images of India International .0001
Adelante Mujeres Latino American .0002
Aerobics with Soul African American .0003
African American Inventors from Dreams to Reality African American .0006
Aging in Japan International .0007
Airto and Flora Purim the Latin Starts Latino American .0008
American Indians: Sacred Grounds Native American .0010
And the Band Played On Interest .0011
Asian American Cultures in the USA Asian American .0012
Asianization of America Asian American .0013
Becoming American Asian American .0014
Being Hmong Means Being Free Asian American .0014.1
Beyond the Dream VI- A Celebration of Black History African American .0015
Beyond Hate Interest .0016
Beyond Hate – Hate on Trial I Interest .0017
Beyond Hate – Hate on Trial II Interest .0018
Bilingual Education Latino American .0019
Birthwrite: Growing Up Hispanic Latino American .0020
Bread and Roses Interest  
Business With Japan International .0022
Carver: Man of Vision African American .0023
Celebrating the Cajun Culture Interest .0024
Celebrating the Day of the Dead Latino American .0025
Cesar Chavez Story Latino American .0026
China/Taiwan International .0028
Christmas in Mexico International .0029
Cinco De Mayo Latino American .0030
City Of Joy Interests .0031
Columbus Didn’t Discover Us Native American .0032
Common Roots Multicultural Issues .0033
Conquest of Paradise 1492 Native American .0034
Cultural Bias in Education Multicultural Issues .0035
Cultural Confusion Multicultural Issues .0036
Cultural Exposure Multicultural Issues  
Dealing With Diversity I – Who in the World is Here? Multicultural Issues .0037
Dealing With Diversity II – Cross Cultural Dealing With Communication Multicultural Issues .0038
Diversity III – Immigration Policy in the USA   .0039
Dealing With Diversity V – Hispanic American Cultures in the USA Multicultural Issues .0041
Dealing With Diversity VI – African American Multicultural Issues .0042
Cultures Dealing With Diversity VII – Korean American Cultures   .0043
Dealing With Diversity VIII – Social Class it the USA Multicultural Issues .0044
Dealing With Diversity X – Gender Issues in the USA Multicultural Issues .0045
Dealing With Diversity XI – Age Issues in the USA Multicultural Issues .0046
Dealing With Diversity XIII – Sexual Orientation Multicultural Issues .0047
Dealing With Diversity XIV – Hate Groups in the USA Multicultural Issues .0048
Death Squads of Guatemala Multicultural Issues .0049
A Different Place: The Intercultural Classroom Multicultural Issues  
Part 1 Multicultural Issues .0049.1
Part 2 International .0049.2
Dilemma: He’s Different   .0050
Dith Pran: Cambodia Multicultural Issues .0051
Divine Horseman – The Living Gods of Haiti Multicultural Issues .0052
Dizzy Gillespie –A Night in Tunisia Multicultural Issues .0053
Do Not Enter – The Visa War Against Ideas International .0053.1
Doubles: Japan and America’s Intercultural Children International .0053.2
Dragon Quest: Sacred Sites of Britain Musical .0054
Ecuador-Mexico – The Living Tradition Ethnic Group .0055
>El Dia De Los Muertos Latino American .0055.2
Embracing Our Sexuality Gender Issues .0056
End of the Trail Native American .0057
Ethnic Notions African American .0058
Fela in Concert African Americanl .0059
Finding Our Ways – Men Talk About Their Sexuality Gender Issues .0060
From the Ground Up Interest .0061
From the Klu Klux Klan to the Black Panthers Multicultural Issues .0062
Frontline – Go Back to Mexico Latino American .0062.1
Geography – China International .0063
Good Morning America – Puerto Rico 500 Years Later International .0064
Goree: Door of No Return African American .0065
Great Black Women African American .0666
Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission - Great Religions of the World Multicultural Issues .0068
Healing Racism: Education’s Role Multicultural Issues .0069
Heart of the Dragon1 –Art, Music, Taoism, Acupuncture International .0070
Hispanic American Cultures in the USA Latino American .0073
How the West was Lost 1 Native American .0075
How the West was Lost 2 Native American .0076
How the West was Lost 3 Native American .0077
Hungry for Profit International .0078
If the Mango Tree Could Speak Multicultural Issues .0079
If These Walls Could Talk Interest .0080
I’ll Make Me A World    
Lift Every Voice 1900-1924 African American .0080.1
Without Fear or Shame 1920-1927 African American .0080.2
Bright Like A Sun 1935-14954 African American .0080.3
The Dream Keepers 1940-1965 African American .0080.4
Not a Rhyme Time 1863 - 1980 African American .0080.5
The freedom you will take 1985 – The Present African American .0080.6
In Remembrance of Martin African American .0081
Interracial Marriage Multicultural Issues ..0083
James Taylor Interest  
Japanese Dance from Indonesia International .0083.1
Journey From Pha Dong – A Decision from the Hills Asian American .0084
King-Montgomery To Memphis 1 & 2 African American .0085
Korea As an Emerging Global Economy International .0086
Korea: A Historical Perspective International .0087
Kwanzaa African American .0088
La Fiesta Quinceanera Part 1 Latino American .0089
La Fiesta Quinceanera Part 2 Latino American .0090
Lecture on Iran International .0091
Malaysia: Global Awareness International .0092
Malaysia: Lecture International .0093
Malcolm X African American .0094
Maui Visions International .0095
Medicine Man Interest .0096
Mi Puerto Rico Latino American .0096.1
Mississippi Burning Interest .0097
Multicultural Teaching and Learning Strategies for Change Multicultural Issues .0098
My Left Foot Interest .0099
Mysteries of Peru: Enigma of the Ruins International .0100
Mysteries of Peru: The Lines International .0100.1
Native American Cultures in the USA Native American .0101
No Grapes Interest .0102
Origins of the Indian Hindu Civilization International .0103
Out Of Africa Interest .0104
Oscar Lopez-Interview Latino American  
Palenque Uncanto Latino American .0104.1
Peace Training to Beijing International .0105
Perception of Modern India International .0106
Postcards from the Peace Corps – Let it Begin Here International .0107
Power, Politics and Latinos Latino American .0107.1
Prejudice Multicultural Issues .0108
Real Women Have Curves Interest .0110
Rigoberta Menchu- Broken Silence Latino American .0111
Romero Latino American .0111.1
Rosewood African American  
Sankofa African American .0112
Sarafina Interest .0112.1
Slam Nation Poetry/ Interest  
Smoke Signals Native American  
Southern Poverty Law Center Multicultural Issues .0113
Split Horn Hmong  
Still Burning Part 1 Multicultural Issues .0114
Still Burning Part II Multicultural Issues .0115
Teaching Indian To Be White Native American .0116
Teaching Peace Multicultural Issues .0117
Telling Men’s Secrets: Joseph Weinberg Presentation Interest .0118
Thailand Lecture: Dr. and Mrs. Compton International .0119
The Buffalo Soldiers African American .0121
The Buffalo Soldiers African American .0122
The Color Purple African American .0123
The Dalai Lama of Tibet International .0124
The Entertainers African American .0125
The Immigrant Experience Asian American .0126
The Issue of Race Multicultural Issues .0127
The :Ladies Sing the Blues International .0128
The Loaders Latino American .0129
The Mission Interest .0130
The Tribes of the Southeast Native American .0131
The Tribal People of the Northeast Native American .0132
The Nation of The Northeast Native American .0133
The People of the Great Plains Part I Native American .0134
The People of the Great Plains Part II Native American .0135
The persistence of Racism Multicultural Issues  
The Natives of the Southwest Native American .0136
The Next Minority: White Americans Multicultural Issues .0137
The Peyote Road Native American .0138
The Right To Their Own Lands Native American .0139
The Road Coca Native American .0140
Shanta- Storytelling Demo Interest  
The Spirit of Crazy Horse Native American .0141
The Story of Islam Multicultural Issues .0142
The Trail North Native American .0143
The Untold Story – The Black West African American .0144
Treaties, Truth and Trust Native American .0146
Tony Brown’s Journal    
When is race black or white?    
Devil’s Advice    
What are you Wearing Multicultural Issues  
Un Pueblo Que Canta Latino American .0147
Union Maids Multicultural Issues .0148
Uvas No Latino American .0150
Valuing Diversity 1: Managing Differences Multicultural Issues .0151
Valuing Diversity 2: Diversity at Work Multicultural Issues .0152
Valuing Diversity 3: Communicating Across Cultures Multicultural Issues .0153
White Man Can’t Jump International .0154
Winds of Change - A Matter of Choice Native American .0155
Wiping The Tears of Seven Generations Multicultural Issues .0156
Workshop - Japan International .0157
Zoo Suit Musical .0158
Buena Vista Social Club Latino American
Black Orpheus African American
Do the Right Thing African American
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner Multicultural Issues
I am Cuba International
Pinero Latino American
The Road Home International
Unchained Memories African American
Vietnam’s Unseen War International
4 Little Girls African American

adapted from Sondra Thiederman's Bridging Cultural Barriers for Corporate Success . New York : Lexington Books, 1991.