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2016-2017 Lunch Hour Reading/Discussion Club

Spring 2017 Book Groups

Motivating and Retaining Online Students: Research-Based Strategies that Work

By: Rosemary M Lehman and Simone C. O. Conceição

Motivating and Retaining Online Students is a research-based book which provides effective online strategies that help minimize student dropout, increase student retention, and support student learning. This group will include an opportunity to interact with one of the authors, allowing participants the chance to learn from her experience

Facilitator: Nicole Weber ( Director of Learning Technology) & Elizabeth Simpson (Instructional Design Specialist)

Meeting times/dates: Tuesdays 12:30-1:30 (January 31, February 14, February 28, March 14, March 28, April 11

Room: McGraw 1

Teaching and Learning STEM: A Practical Guide

By: Richard M. Felder & Rebecca Brent

Felder and Brent offer a wealth of empirically-validated practical suggestions for improving and enhancing your teaching of STEM courses. Instructors across the entire range of teaching experience will benefit from learning about strategies to enhance student engagement, support students’ development of problem solving, team work, and critical thinking skills, and helping students commit to mastering difficult material. Each chapter ends with “try this in your course” ideas, most of which require a surprisingly modest amount of work to implement. This book club will focus on discussing the practicalities of using these strategies on our campus with our students. While the book focuses on STEM teaching, instructors from other disciplines are welcome and will undoubtedly benefit from participating.

Facilitator:  Dr. Heather Pelzel (Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences Department) & Dr. Meg Waraczynski (Professor, Psychology Department)

Meeting times/dates: Wednesdays 1-2pm ( Feb 1, Feb 15, March 1, March 15, April 5, April 19)

Room: UC 266

Cultural Etiquette: A Guide for the Well-Intentioned

By: Amoja Three Rivers

From the booklet, Cultural Etiquette: A Guide for the Well-Intentioned, (1990,1991) by Amoja Three Rivers, "This guide is to help people avoid some of the obvious as well as not-so obvious pitfalls of unwitting racism and anti-semitism. this does not try to talk anyone out of being racist or anti-semitic. Rather, it seeks to help those with good and righteous intentions to refine behavior and attitudes bred in cultural ignorance." This workshop invites students, faculty, and staff to participate in activities inspired by this guide.

Facilitator: Crista Lebens, Professor, Chair, Philosophy & Religious Studies
 Janay Alston, Director of the Office of Recruitment & Retention, COEPS

Meeting times/dates: Thursdays 12:30-1:30 (February 2, February 16, March 9, March 16, April 6, April 20

Room: TBD

Checklist for Change: Making American Higher Education a Sustainable Enterprise

By: Robert Zemsky

The “checklist for change” is a breakthrough contribution in the evolving higher education landscape. The book not only focuses on diagnosing current issues facing higher education but builds a convincing argument towards necessary reforms to help us create an effective and sustainable future for higher education. In particular the study examines compelling and challenging case studies involving key players shaping higher education policy; these include, future students and faculty, changing demographics, federal financial aid, channeling competition among colleges and universities, recasting undergraduate curriculum, and a stronger and collective faculty voice that defines not why, but how the enterprise must change.

Facilitator: Susan Elrod (Provost) & Hephzibah J. Kumpaty, Professor, Chemistry & Barbara Beaver (Professor of Psychology)

Meeting times/dates: Mondays 12-1pm (February 13, February 27, March 6, March 27, April 17, April 24, May 1)

Room: TBD

Fall 2016 Book Groups


By: Phil Klay

According to Department of Defense records, since entering the wars in Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003, about 2.5 million members of the military have been deployed.

Through his collection of short stories, author Phil Kay's "Redeployment" provides group members an eye opening, jarring entry into the world of soldiers on the front lines of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq where chaos, mass confusion and death are the order of the day.

Using selected passages from “Redeployment”, personal stories from Student-Veterans that have experienced combat, personal letters of Student-Veterans that have returned from combat and open group discussion, group members will be asked to understand how and why soldiers leaving the battle field and coming home are not actually coming home, but instead experience “redeployment” in another type of war often referred to as the “War At Home.” Group members discuss how the “War At Home” has impacted the everyday lives of the more than three-hundred Student-Veterans on the UW—Whitewater campus.

Facilitator: Richard Harris (Coordinator of Student Veterans and Military Services)

Meeting times/dates: Thursdays 12:30-1:30 pm (September 15 and 29, October 13 and 27, November 10, and December 1)

RSVP by: May 31, 2016

The Marvelous MOOC Group

Come to explore the adjacent possible at the innovative edge of web-based higher education, by participating within and sharing a process of appraisal of a MOOC that offers relevant information for educators engaged in course development. We intend to encourage frank discussion about what is valuable and also what is possible in web-based courses.

The MOOC: Creating Effective Online and Blended Courses

Produced by the Stanford Open Learning Initiative, these self-paced modules are designed for a general audience of instructors at 2-and 4-year higher education institutions, developing online courses or incorporating online learning approaches in their on-campus classes.

As a companion to their participation in the MOOC, participants in this group will also read and discuss:

How Learning Works: Seven Research-Based Principles for Smart Technology

By: Susan A. Ambrose, Michael W. Brides, Midele Dipietro, Marsha C. Lovett, and Marie K. Norman

Facilitator: Dave Munro (Associate Professor & Chair, IT Supply Chain Management) and David Reinhart (Lecturer, Philosophy and Religious Studies)

Meeting times/dates:Wednesdays 12:00-1:00 pm (September 21 and 28, October 5 and 19, and November 2 and 16)

RSVP by May 31, 2016

The Skillful Teacher

By: Stephen Brookfield

In his third edition of The Skillful Teacher, Brookfield addresses issues of techniques, trust and responsiveness in the classroom. He helps us to uncover what students most value in their teachers while also exploring issues such as teaching critical thinking, using play and creativity in the classroom, and helping students take responsibility for learning. Brookfield also helps us to discover that we are our own experts as teachers and that reflection helps us to uncover our truths. The book provides inspiration for new and seasoned teachers alike – and the discussions will provide an opportunity to reflect on the readings, share stories and deepen our passion for teaching.

Facilitator: Brenda Rust O’Beirne (Associate Professor & Chair, Counselor Education)

Meeting times/dates: Mondays 1:00-2:00 pm (September 26, October 10 and 24, November 7 and 21 and December 5)

RSVP by: May 31, 2016

Witnessing Whiteness- The Need to Talk About Race and How to Do It

By: Shelly Tochluk

As noted by the author, this book is intended to “start a dialogue and offer a first step for those just beginning to see whiteness, its effects on relationships, and its connections to our social and economic systems.“ This book group welcomes all faculty and staff who, as Dr. Tolchuk puts it, “seek to do good work in the world, who want to be of service to social justice efforts, and who care enough to pick up a book on whiteness in the first place.” This is not a group designed to “attack, degrade, or beat up on white people” or “rally white supremacist groups.”

Come to the group ready to talk about your reactions to the book as well as your life experiences here on campus and beyond.

Facilitator: Carolyn Morgan (Professor & Chair, Psychology Department)

Meeting times/dates: 12:30-1:30pm (September 13 and 27, October 11 and 25, and November 8 and 29)

RSVP by: May 31, 2016