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1999-2000 Lunch Hour Reading/Discussion Club

Spring 2000 Book Club

Readings in Student Motivation

Participants will receive a packet of reading materials culled from the current literature on student motivation in post-secondary settings. Readings will include a handful of "how-to," position papers, and recent empirical investigations. Discussions promise to be lively, encouraging participants to consider the veracity of the claims and exploring the integration of the principles in their classroom. All participants will be included on a list-serv, allowing the discussion to flow outside the session.

Facilitator: Dr. Sally Vogl-Bauer, an assistant professor from the Department of Communication, who has conducted basic research in student motivation.

Sessions Scheduled: in UC 206 from 12:30pm to 1:30pm on the following Tuesdays: 26 January; 22 February; 21 March; and 25 April.

Fall 2000 Book Club

The Courage to Teach

(1998, Parker Palmer, Jossey-Bass)

This book is a classic in the faculty development arena. Author Parker Palmer leads the reader through a thorough and engaging exploration of the spiritual elements of instruction generally, and cultivation of instructional relationships specifically. A must read for all instructors.

Facilitator: Jim Winship, Associate Professor of Social Work and former Director of the UWW Teaching Enhancement Center.

Sessions Scheduled: from 12:30pm to 1:30pm on the Wednesdays.