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Online/Hybrid Peer Mentors

The Online/Hybrid Peer Mentors program is a new program for Fall 2020 to provide one-on-one support for instructors who are new to online and hybrid teaching or who are looking for new ideas or feedback on their online or hybrid teaching plans. There will be two peer mentors per college during Fall 2020 who will hold published office hours and have drop-in availability to help instructors with strategies for teaching blended and/or online courses. They will also work with other mentors and facilitators to develop additional shareable resources and design new workshops. The Peer Mentors for :

  • CoBE-  Julie Woletz (T11:30-1) and Christine Hoover (T1-2:30)
  • CIS - John Klinger (TR1-2) and Ken Brosky (MW2:15-3:15)
  • CoLS - David Reinhart (TR 9-9:30) and Steven Girard (TR1-2)
  • CoAC - Bill Miller (W11-1) and Corey Davis (M/W 2-2:45)
  • CoEPS - Jenna Cushing-Leubner (M2:30-4) and Edric Johnson (T10-11:30am)