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Mid Semester Assessment Program

The Mid-Semester Assessment Program provides UWW faculty and instructional academic staff with the opportunity to obtain timely student feedback on their views of what is going well and what helpful changes might be made while the course is still in progress. These assessments are useful for face-to-face, hybrid, and online courses. It's a great way to "take the temperature" of your class. You'll learn what students think helps their learning the most, as well as what might be getting in the way of learning in your course. You'll gain useful information to strengthen the course, and students appreciate your interest in their ideas about the course.

The program is available between the 5th and 9th week of the semester so that feedback can be summarized and discussed with the instructor in time to make changes and improve the course for the current semester rather than waiting for the next time you teach the course.

The program is voluntary and confidential, with feedback provided only to the instructor. Requests may only be generated by the instructor for the course.

MAP options:

  • In class Group Feedback Session. This option is intended for face-to-face or hybrid courses with fewer than 50 students. To maximize the likelihood of optimal scheduling, instructors selecting this option must apply by October 16, 2020. A MAP consultant will visit the class for about 30 minutes to facilitate small group discussions and gather student feedback on the following questions:
    • What in the class so far has helped student learning the most?
    • What factors in the class have hindered student learning?
    • What suggestions do you (student) have to improve your learning in the course?
  • Online Survey. This option is open to all, and particularly intended for courses with 50 or more students or online-only courses. Student feedback will be collected anonymously via an online "Early Feedback Form" survey (a MAP consultant will provide the survey link for the instructor to distribute to students).
    • To see a list of the standard Online Survey questions, click here.

Interested in participating in the program? Follow these simple steps:

  1. First, complete the online program application. Selection of instructors for the program is first come, first served and will depend on availability of consultants and staff. Applications for the Fall 2020 semester are due by October 16, 2020. 
  2. Second, after your application is received you'll be contacted by a MAP consultant for a brief phone meeting. We'll discuss instructional goals, data collection plans, and address any questions you may have. 
  3. Data Collection! The consultants will take care of data collection, with a little organizational assistance from you.
  4. Within about 10 business days of your completed data collection, you'll have a follow-up meeting with a MAP consultant to review main themes in the students' aggregated feedback and to identify helpful instructional strategies and resources. 
  5. After the semester is over, you'll be asked to complete an online MAP evaluation to provide information about the program and the impact it had on your teaching.

Contact Heather Pelzel (pelzelh@uww.edu) if you have any questions.

Thanks for your interest in the Mid-Semester Assessment Program.