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Tuesday, Aug. 4, 2020
Ola Bamgbose, assistant professor of counselor education.
Why I Teach
WHY I TEACH is a series about the dedicated faculty at UW-Whitewater who make every day a teachable moment — and every place a learning place — by their expertise and example.

Faculty choose to work at the Whitewater and Rock County campuses for many reasons, but one stands out among them: they all share a passion for hands-on teaching in classrooms, laboratories and studios, ensuring student success. They talk less about teaching the subject and more about teaching the individual. And because of our small class sizes, they are able to do just that.
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Colleges of Distinction logo.
UW-Whitewater honored among 2020 Colleges of Distinction
For the fourth consecutive year, the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater has been named among the Colleges of Distinction — a national honor that recognizes campuses for exceptional teaching and dedication to student success.
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Peter Jennings standing with a football in hand.
A whistle, a cell phone, a camper and a coach: UW-Whitewater quarterback camps go virtual
In the new normal, Warhawk Football Offensive Coordinator and Quarterback Coach Peter Jennings has created an online football skills camp for young quarterbacks.
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George Jones teaching in front of a whiteboard.
UW-Whitewater nontraditional student brings wealth of experience to Board of Regents
Cory Saffold, criminology major, has been selected to serve as regent on the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents. The UW System, which appoints two student regents — one, traditional and one nontraditional — to two-year terms with full duties including voting and serving on committees, selected Saffold in a competitive process.
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UW-Whitewater’s vibrant prairie becoming hotspot for monarch butterflies and other pollinators
Emily Peters, biology major, led the effort to win a Monarch Waystation designation for the prairie from Monarch Watch, a nonprofit organization dedicated to education, conservation and research for the monarch butterfly and other pollinators. With the designation came hundreds of milkweed plants, now planted in the prairie.
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Campus Kudos
Kudos to Denise Roseland, assistant professor of curriculum and instruction,, who was an invited panelist in a webinar hosted by the Association for Career and Technical Education on June 23. The webinar, titled "Planning for a COVID-19 Impacted School Year: A conversation about Student Assessment" addressed the role of student assessment in remote, blended and socially-distanced learning, including evaluating learning loss from spring and summer closures, delivering valid assessments of learning in virtual environments, and considering how to offer performance-based, industry certification and licensure assessments.

Kudos to Anna Hadjik, a lecturer of languages and literatures, who contributed an essay, “Cinematic Representations of ‘Flyover Country’ in Modern America,” to the prize-winning book, “Interior Borderlands: Regional Identity in the Midwest and Great Plains,” edited by South Dakotan Jon Lauck. Read more »

Kudos to David Gee, lecturer of management, who published “Restart: The Small Business Guide to Thriving During Chaos.” Written to help small businesses recover from the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, the book features interviews with the CEOs of Generac, Bolt and Invest Puerto, among others. Read more »

Kudos to Terry Tumbarello, director of residence life, who was a panelist at the Association for College and University Housing Officers – International Virtual Summit on June 23. The ACUHO-I session, titled “Title IX: How the New Regulations will Impact our Practice,” addressed the changes released by the Department of Education for Title IX implementation in universities and K-12 schools. Read more »

Kudos to Jo Ann Oravec, professor of information technology and supply chain management, who will present a paper at the 36th annual Distance Teaching & Learning Conference held virtually Aug. 3-7. Oravec’s paper, “Cheating and Impersonation Detection Technology in Distance Education, “ addresses concerns about cheating, deception and technology that can contribute to a “surveillance culture”. Read more »

Kudos to Grace Crickette, vice chancellor for administrative affairs and ethics officer, who was a presenter on a national webinar titled, “COVID-19 Briefing 6: Executing Your Return to the Office Plan.” The event was held June 30 and was sponsored by Safety National.

In the Media
Aruna Jha, assistant professor of social work, gave an hour-long interview on suicide prevention to the South Asian magazine FunAsia Desipages. The Facebook Live program called “Suicide – Causes & Solutions” has more than 5,600 views so far. Jha is an expert on the effects of culture on mental health. FunAsia Desipages »

Peter Jennings, offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, spoke about how UW-Whitewater is hosting a virtual football camp this summer. Coaches will guide participants online, through quarterback-specific drills and offer live feedback on how to get better while social distancing. WMTV 15 »

Robert Benjamin, professor of physics and astronomy, explains how he and two other astronomers discovered an arc of ultraviolet emission covering the handle of the Big Dipper in the Ursa Major constellation. Benjamin presented the team’s results at an online meeting of the American Astronomical Society on June 2. This arc may be evidence of an explosion that created an interstellar window into galaxies beyond the Milky Way. Forbes »

Russell Kashian, professor of economics, spoke about his department’s research and door-to-door survey that revealed the cancellation of this year’s Oktoberfest may cost Wisconsin an estimated $15 million in lost revenues. WXOW 19 »

Greg Cook, interim provost, identified how UW System’s recently acquired Navigate software helped engage students located off-campus during the pandemic. Navigate is designed to improve undergraduate retention and graduation rates by bringing together faculty, advisors and staff to meet individual student needs. Whitewater Banner »

Kenny Yarborough, chief equity, diversity and inclusion officer, says being a father means giving his sons "The Talk" about how to act during police encounters. It’s a conversation that is commonplace in Black households. Yarborough was one of six fathers interviewed who said these conversations are imperative for their children’s safety. Janesville Gazette »

UW-Whitewater's Small Business Development Center is helping local businesses prepare as they expand digital capabilities to attract customers and drive sales due to the effects of COVID-19. Lake Geneva News »

D’Arcy Becker, professor of accounting, Yuan Yuan, associate professor finance and business law and Nancy Tao, professor of economics, were featured on the personal finance website, WalletHub. They advise consumers about what behaviors lead to credit card debt, how to stay out of debt and eventually become debt-free.

David Gee, lecturer management and director of the Launch Pad program, was featured on WisBusiness: The Podcast. The Small Business Guide to Thriving During Chaos.” Gee talked about how to use this time to evaluate what business is doing now and how business needs to evolve in the future in order to thrive during economic challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic. WisBusiness »

Video screen shot of barber shop interior.
Logan Edwards, assistant professor of HPERC, commented on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics that show 23% of COVID-19 deaths are African Americans, even though they make up 13% of the U.S. population. The disparity in Wisconsin is even greater. Edwards said we need to show that black lives matter by taking care of black lives.
Campers on the basketball court.
 For 26 years, UW-Whitewater has hosted an annual wheelchair basketball camp. Due to COVID-19, this year had to look a little different. Jeremy Lade, assistant director of athletics and head coach of wheelchair athletics, pivoted from hosting the camp at UW-Whitewater, to bringing the camp virtually to hundreds of athletes through social media.
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Notes for Faculty and Staff
HR wellness graphic

Nature WINGO

The UW-Whitewater Wellness Team is bringing back WINGO with a twist – Nature WINGO!

This year’s version of WINGO is about being active outdoors. Your WINGO card will have 16 different parks, trails, gardens and more.

Nature WINGO will run from July 15 through Nov. 15, 2020. To participate, please email Aubrey at benefits@uww.edu to receive your electronic WINGO card.
From the Desk of Chancellor Dwight C. Watson

Chancellor Dwight C. Watson wrote a review of “Spoiler Alert : The Hero Dies: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Other Four-Letter Words" by Michael Ausiello, which was posted to the Andersen Library Blog. “From the Desk of Chancellor Dwight C. Watson” regularly appears on the blog, as the chancellor shares his reflections on the books he reads.
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Katy Casey to serve as the Interim Director of Academic Assessment
The Office of Academic Assessment is very pleased to announce that Katy Casey will serve as the Interim Director of Academic Assessment beginning July 1, 2020. In addition to being a tenured associate professor in the Department of Special Education, she has served as the assistant dean in the College of Education and Professional Studies. Please join us in welcoming Dr. Casey into her new role!
In the Community

New outdoor seating graphic.

City expands outing seating downtown
The City of Whitewater has created additional space for patrons of downtown restaurants to enjoy their meals safely. The city barricaded the section of 1st Street between Main and Center and is treating this space like a local park, following park hours of 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. and enforcing all park rules. The temporary park will be open through Saturday, Oct. 31, 2020, or until weather permits. This location offers picnic tables spaced out for social distancing. All visitors are expected to respect social distancing, clean up after themselves, throw away garbage and recycling and be sure no food is left behind. Like other parks, alcohol will not be permitted.

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