Source: Office of the Assistant Chancellor for Administrative Affairs

  1. Audit-Only Enrollees

    The academic fee charge for individuals who register for only non-credit, audit-type attendance of credit classes shall be:

    Wisconsin Residents - 30% of the normal per credit academic fee
    Nonresidents - 50% of the normal per credit academic fee.

    Audit fees shall be removed for all disabled Wisconsin residents who are receiving federal old age survivors and disability insurance benefits (OASDI) under 42 USC 401 to 433.

    Subject to the institution's nonresident tuition remission authorization the chancellor may waive the nonresident portion of the per credit charge for nonresidents;

    The ability of a person to register only for non-credit audit-type attendance is subject to these understandings:

    1. that there be no additional classroom/laboratory space requirements or increased instructional costs resulting from the implementation of this policy;
    2. that the approval of the faculty member in charge of the class must be obtained by the auditor;
    3. that auditors receive only provisional permission to attend classes until course registration is completed at the end of the add/drop period;
    4. that any special costs for course instruction other than normal tuition charges be assessed auditors availing themselves of this opportunity;
    5. that a student who opts to enroll on an auditor basis under this policy may not change to a credit basis during the term of enrollment;
    6. that students who later seek credit by university examination for a course that they have audited must be enrolled in the university at the time the examination is taken and are subject to appropriate tuition charge and special course fees;
    7. that the UW System's general policy on the refund of academic fees will apply to audit fees;
    8. access for individual who are auditors-only will be limited to the library and non-segregated fee funded activities of the student union. A special identification card would be issued the auditor permitting such access. NO FEE SHALL BE CHARGED FOR SUCH ACCESS. Except for library and non-segregated fee funded activities of the student union, auditors-only shall not be afforded any preferential access to university facilities which is not afforded to the general public.
    9. that Regent, university and student government regulation applying to students apply equally to audit enrollees;
    10. that the universities may determine which credit classes are open to auditors under the terms of this policy.
  2. Degree-Seeking Students

    The ability of degree-seeking students to audit classes is subject to the academic policies of the institution. The normal per-credit tuition will be assessed audit credits until the degree and audit credits equal the plateau where academic fees are level. When the combination of degree and audit credits exceeds the full-time credit plateau additional fees shall be assessed.

    Subject to the institution's nonresident tuition remission authorization, the chancellor may waive the nonresident portion of the per-credit charge for nonresidents.

As amended 1 September 1991