Procedure for Extraordinary Accommodation Due to a Disability


The appropriately assigned individual will review requests for extraordinary accommodations to the communication (foreign language or speech) or calculation/quantitative skills and reasoning requirement. A representative from the dean's or college's office of the applicable school or college may be invited to participate in the discussion. All of the following documentation must be forwarded to the appropriately identified individual:

  1. A written request from the student for extraordinary accommodations to a specific requirement, along with any relevant supporting documentation that is not readily available in WINS (i.e., placement test scores; high school record; ACT, SAT, or other standardized test scores; all college or university transcripts from institutions other than UWW), must be included.
  2. Evidence must be presented on behalf of the student that he or she has actively pursued suitable accommodation. Such evidence should include information from the Center for Students with Disabilities and the student's academic advisor. Information from relevant instructors may also be included.
  3. Documentation from the Center for Students with Disabilities will include (a) the nature of the disability and its relevance to the requirement, (b) a description of the accommodations previously recommended and/or implemented within the full range of approved classes, and (c) a statement regarding the likelihood of the student satisfying the requirement with the provision of the proposed accommodations.
  4. Since the proceedings are not intended to be adversarial, but are a review of the grounds for extraordinary accommodation, a student may request to make a brief presentation to the assigned individual.

The assigned individual will initially review the documentation. If sufficient documentation, as outlined in this section, is not present, the appeal will not be heard and the material will be returned to the student with an indication of what additional information is needed.

Deadlines and Appeals

  1. Requests for extraordinary accommodations to the Communication and Calculation/Quantitative Skills requirements should be presented before the end of the second year of the student's UW-Whitewater enrollment but in no event during the last semester before the student expects to graduate.
  2. Such requests must be submitted by the 6th week of course the Fall or Spring semester in order to guarantee action within that semester.
  3. The appropriately assigned individual will consider completed requests within 30 days of the deadline. A written decision will be sent to the college or department, CSD and the student within 10 days of the meeting.
  4. Students may appeal the decision to the UW--Whitewater ADA coordinator within 30 days after the date of the decision. This appeal is a review of the record furnished by the assigned individual for the purpose of determining whether all applicable procedures have been followed. It does not include an opportunity to submit additional evidence or documentation.

Submit completed materials to:

  • General Education Requirements (including Developmental, Communication and Calculation/Quantities Skills, and University Requirements): General Education Coordinator
  • College (Degree) Requirements: Dean or designee
  • Major/Minor Requirements: Department Chair

Recourse: Center for Students with Disabilities -

Updated Policy 6/30/2014

Original Policy 1/16/2003 

As amended 30 June 2014