PreCollege Programs

ACT Preparation Camp American College Testing


The ACT Preparation Camp is aimed at helping students increase their performance on the nation's most widely used precollege standardized test.

The camp will strengthen student skills in math, science, grammar, writing, English, and test-taking strategies.

The ACT Preparation Camp focuses on the content areas of the test. Applicants should have completed a minimum of the academic units listed below by the end of their junior year in high school:

  • 3 units/years of English
  • 2 units/years of Math (algebra and geometry)
  • 2 units/years of natural science


Workshops in personal and professional development

Cultural & Career Activities

Regional college visits have been to UW-Madison, UW-Milwaukee, and the University of Illinois-Chicago.


  • Multiple-choice test taking strategies
  • Focused instruction on subject areas included on the ACT, such as mathematics, English, reading comprehension and science reasoning
  • Taking the ACT under "test-like" conditions
  • Vocabulary, reading and comprehension techniques
  • Coping with stress prior to and while taking the ACT
  • Pacing and skimming techniques
  • Implementing critical thinking models
  • Sharpening skills in the areas of: antonym, analogies, sentence completion questions and questions based on reading passages


Students will be administered the ACT Test.

*PLEASE NOTE : This is a two week residential program. Student must be entering the 10th, 11th, or 12th grade to be eligible.