How to Manage Service Indicators

How to Manage Service Indicators

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1. Sign in to WINS.

2. Click on Campus Community.

3. Click on Service Indicators (Student).

4. Manage Service Indicators.

5. Enter the Students ID number.

6. Click "Search"

You may need to select the student from the result list below.

Viewing Service Indicators

1. If the student has a service indicator it will appear Service Indicator Summary table. You can navigate to additional rows as necessary or you can select "View All" to view all of the service indicators at one time.

2. The list of service indicators can be filtered to display All, Positive, or Negative service Indicators by selecting the appropriate value.

3. If the student does not have any service indicators the text “No Service Indicators are assigned for this person.” will appear in the Service Indicator Summary.

4. Click on the Service Indicator Code to view the service indicator details.

Assigning Service Indicators

1. To add a Service Indicator select "Add Service Indicator" located above and below the Service Indicator Summary.

2. Enter the appropriate Service Indicator Code and Service Ind Reason Code. Enter the Start Term or Start Date if appropriate.

3. Select "OK" or "Apply" to “save” the Service Indicator. If you do not wish to “save” select "Cancel".

4. Select "OK" to return to the manage Service Indicators page.

Releasing Service Indicators

1. To remove a Service Indicator Click on the Service Indicator Code to view the service indicator details.

2. Select "Release".

3. Click "OK" to confirm that you are sure you want to release this Service Indicator.

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