How to Update an Individual Student's Student Groups

How to Update an Individual Student's Student Groups

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1. Sign in to WINS.

2. Click on Records and Enrollment.

3. Click on Career and Program Information.

4. Click on Student Groups 

5. Enter the Students ID number.

6.  Click "Search" You may need to select the student from the result list below.

Adding Student Groups

1. If there are not any existing Student Groups for this student. Enter the Student Group code in the Student Group Field. Click the Magnifying Glass button to look up the code if necessary.

2. If Student Groups already exist Click the "Plus" button to the right of the Academic Institution field to add a new row. In the new (blank) row Enter the Student Group Code in the Student Group Field. Click on the Magnifying Glass button to look up the code if  necessary.

Inactivating Student Groups

1. Scroll (Left or Right) to the row with the appropriate Student Group.

2. Click the "Plus" button to the right of the Effective Date field to add a new Effective Dated Row.

3. Change the Effective Status to Inactive

4. Save.


  • It is important to make sure you are adding a new row in to the correct area of the page. To add new Student Group use the plus sign to the right of the Academic Institution field. To add a new effective dated row when updating the status be sure to use the plus sign to the right of the Effective Date field.

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