How to View Members of a Student Group

How to View Members of a Student Group

Ask a complete question, like "How do I obtain my transcripts?"


1. Sign in to WINS.

2. Click on Records and Enrollment.

3. Click on Career and Program Information.

4. Click on View Student Groups by Student.

5. Enter the Student Group code you would like to view. The Magnifying Glass button can be used to look-up the code.

6. Click "Search". If necessary select the Student Group from the Search Results Grid.

7. Click "Get Results".


  • The student group list can be narrowed down by using dropdown values from the Select Effective Dates and Range Selection fields.
  • Results can be sorted by clicking on the heading of the column.
  • Click on the Detail link to view the individuals Student Groups page.
  • The search results can be downloaded to Excel by clicking the Spreadsheet button with the red arrow.

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