WINS Department How-to's

WINS Department How-to's

Ask a complete question, like "How do I obtain my transcripts?"


1. Sign in to WINS.

2. Click on Self Service.

3. Click on Advisor Center.

4. Click on View My Advisees

5. Click on View Student Details or "View Data For Other Students", located at the bottom of page.

6. The Student’s Advisor information can be viewed in the right side column towards the bottom of the column. Click on Details for additional information.


  • If you wish to send the student’s advisor(s) an email, click on details under the Advisor column, and then click on the advisor’s name.

Things to Remember

  • The Cancel button, located at the bottom of the page, will take you back to the student’s Student Center.
  • If you wish to search for another student’s advisor, from the Student Center page, click on Return to Search at the bottom of the page.
  • To view the advisor information for another Advisee Click on View My Advisees located in the menu on the left.

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