Video Game Systems

Game and media systems are now able to connect to wireless.

Most game and media systems are able to connect to a UWW-MEDIASYSTEMS SSID.

Steps to Connect:

1. Find the wireless MAC address for your device.  This is typically available in the network settings of the device you are trying to connect.(As we catalog different systems, we will update this page with device specific instructions.)

2. Go the the My Devices website and register that wireless MAC Address. (MAC USERS: Copy into your browser's address bar)

3. Completely power off your device.  Unplug it so it completely disconnects from wireless.  Wait a minute.  Power your device back up and attempt to connect to UWW-MEDIASYSTEMS SSID.  The connection should work at this point.

4. If you still have problems, please contact ResNET(262-472-3233,

PLEASE NOTE: This new system uses signature-based detection to prevent normal computers or unknown devices from connecting to the UWW-MEDIASYSTEMS SSID.  That means that signatures may change when companies update software on game or media systems.  For example, XBOX is very close to a Windows 8 PC so sometimes it could change towards a Windows 8 profile and we may have to ask iCIT to make an adjustment to the profile.  Some devices may not be recognized by the system so it will be important to contact ResNET so they can categorize it and forward the information along.


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