Computing Service Guidelines

Computing Service Guidelines

What is expected of ResNET users:

What we offer:

  • We will provide means to connect to the Internet (computer equipment not included).
  • You will have access to the campus systems and any software you have access to as a user of that service.

For ResNET policies see the ResNET Acceptable Use Policy.

What we will try to do:

  • We will help users set up e-mail and web browsers on correctly configured computers.
  • We will assist users in resolving network connectivity issues.
  • If we receive a report that your computer has been compromised, we will notify and assist you in resolving the issue.


Information pertaining to the computer labs in the Residence Halls is available here.

General notes:

Residence Life Technology Services are a privilege, not a right.

Residence Life is not responsible for any service interruptions. The campus network availability may change without prior notice.

Use of or connection to ResNET constitutes acceptance of ResNET policies. Any violations of these policies can result in disciplinary actions as described in the Residence Life Living Guide, as well as the immediate loss of network access, including Internet access.

Any other questions that you have can be answered via phone at 472-3233 or E-mail.


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