Fund for Wisconsin Scholars

Information About the Grant:

Fund for Wisconsin Scholars was founded by John and Tashia Morgridge. John and Tashia wanted to help students who could not afford college to have the opportunity to attend and be successful in their college careers and decided to create this grant. The grant is here to help reduce the financial barriers to college and to lighten the debt that most Wisconsin students incur during their college years. Lastly, Fund for Wisconsin Scholars provides grants that open the door to a better world, helping ensure that higher education is accessible and affordable, and that degree completion is achieved. More information on the grant can be found at

Information About the Student Mentor Program:

The program provides a resource and sense of community for grant recipients. The whole purpose of the grant is to relieve students from financial burdens when attending college. The mentor program is designed to further enhance the retention rates of the recipients by creating a bond between the mentor and the students. Each month, the students are encouraged to attend a social to get to know their peers, get involved, and develop a stronger sense of belonging.

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  • Christina Hill - Graduate Coordinator
  • Miranda Haanen - Student Mentor
  • McCutchan Hall 209