Student Diversity, Engagement and Success

McNair Scholars Showcase

Naiheima Young Abraham Alvarez

Integrated Science
Mentor: Dr. Nicholas Tippery 
Research Topic: Investigating Remediation of Nutrient Wastewater through Algar Cultivation

Naiheima Young Rahenya Anderson

Mentor: Dr. Kris Curran
Research Topic: Cultural Impacts to Mood Disorders

Naiheima Young Natara Boatman

Social Work
Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Anderson
Research Topic: Social Media’s Effect on Women’s Body Image within the African American Community

Naiheima Young Aleyah Coleman

Mentor: Dr. Gregory Jeffers
Research Topic: Racial Identity and Well-being among African American Girls and Women: A Developmental Perspective

Naiheima Young Angelique Compton

Mentor: Dr. Robert Kuzoff
Research Topic: COVID-19 disparitites related to morbidity and mortality rates among African Americans residing in Wisconsin, Louisiana, Illinois, and Washington compared to White ethnic groups?

Naiheima Young Luiz Cruz

Finance & Spanish
Mentor: Dr. Bakhtear Talukdar
Research Topic: A Stocks Post-IPO Performance

Naiheima Young Selena Esquivel

Mentor: Dr. Sharry VanAlstine
Research Topic: How to Create an Inclusive Instrumental Ensemble for Students Who Are Blind

Naiheima Young Michael Hendrix

Mentor: Dr. David Havas
Research Topic: Can Comprehending Sentences About Wrestling Improve Collegiate Wrestlers’ Performance?

Naiheima Young Neil McCants

General Management
Mentor: Dr. Russell Kashian
Research Topic: Wealth & Economic Empowerment: The importance of Financial Literacy in the black community

Naiheima Young Biyanka Miller

Mentor: Dr. Barbara Beaver
Research Topic: How Parents Who Are Affected By Spillover Lose Connection with Their Child Behavioral

Naiheima Young Ana Pemberton

Biology & Spanish
Mentor: Dr. Mehmet Ali Döke
Research Topic: Gene Expression in “Broodless” Bee Colonies

Naiheima Young Shearrydnise Rosa

Mentor: Dr. Gregory Jeffers
Research Topic: How Educational Experiences Impact Students of Color

Naiheima Young Amanda Ross

Social Work
Mentor: Dr. Jennifer Anderson
Research Topic: Burnout Within the Social Work Profession in Wisconsin

Naiheima Young Kiarra Russell

Mentor: Dr. Barbara Beaver
Research Topic: Parenting While Burn-out

Naiheima Young Alissa Santana

Business Administration
Mentor: Dr. Ruth Hansen
Research Topic: Distinctiveness of Marketing and Fundraising to the Latinx Community

Naiheima Young Noel Schmitz

Mentor: Dr. Brian O’neill
Research Topic: Antibiotics in ephemeral wetlands: How chlortetracycline affects tadpole shrimp and their food webs

Naiheima Young Destiny Scott-Dyson

Biology & Spanish
Mentor: Dr. Kris Curran
Research Topic: Circadian Rhythm and Heart Development

Naiheima Young Kyla Smith

Biology, Chemistry & Psychology
Mentor: Dr. Kris Curran
Research Topic: The developmental and circadian influence of BMAL1 in Xenopus leavis

Naiheima Young Jose Uribe

Mathematics & Spanish
Mentor: Dr. Maria White
Research Topic: The Development of Language Education Modules for Latinx Communities

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