Student Diversity, Engagement and Success

African American Network

Our Program

African American Network focuses on supporting African American students' academic endeavors through academic advising by connecting them with campus resources, community events, and educational programs. AAN also creates and provides outlets for students' academic and social interests, while also serving as a valuable resource and connection.

  • Academic Advising -  Provides secondary academic advising for African American students such as course selection, major/minor changes, and awareness of resources.
  • Study Tables -  Students are provided with the opportunity to study together and share ideas and resources. Students are encouraged to utilize the tutorial center for academic help.
  • Brother to Brother Mentors/Sister to Sister Mentors -  These peer mentoring programs are designed to provide personal, social and academic resources to multicultural students with the goal of improving experiences for students.
  • Social & Academic Activities -  Provides cultural events and guest lectures that address the cultural and social concerns of African American students.

Peer Educator: Jaelyne White

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