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Southeast Asian Support Services

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Southeast Asian Support Services (SASS) is a program that was developed to assist students towards their academic goals. The Southeast Asian Support Services (SASS) provides resources, guidance, and developmental assistance for Southeast Asian students on an academic, social, and personal level to gear students towards their academic success. In doing so, the program connects students to academic support services, student organizations, and the campus community. Southeast Asian Support Services (SASS) works closely with students to help them achieve their academic goals while also working on assisting students to preserve their cultural heritage.

  • Study Tables - Students are provided with the opportunity to study together and share ideas and resources. Students are encouraged to utilize the tutorial center for academic help.
  • Social and Academic Activities - SASS sponsors and co-sponsors social and academic programs and cultural activities.
  • Academic Advising - Provides secondary academic advising for Southeast Asian students such as course selection and major and minor changes.
  • Resources - Provides resources to all students who are researching Southeast Asian cultures and current issues. The program subscribes to a variety of publications that focus on Southeast Asian cultures.
  • Southeast Asian Organization

Peer Educator: Yee Thao

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