2017-2022 Strategic Plan

Goal 2: Transform Lives and Society

We will transform lives and impact society. 

Objective 1: We will provide high quality academic programming that prepares our graduates to become lifelong learners who lead successful lives and productive careers and to make positive contributions to the State of Wisconsin, to our nation, and to the world.  

Primary Actions:
Implement the processes defined in the Academic Plan in order to identify strengths and gaps in programming; use this analysis and the priorities defined in the Academic Plan to offer new programs that meet this goal.     

Here's how:
Academic units will utilize the Academic Plan to develop, implement, and assess programs that meet this objective, including the development of a program array that outlines areas of program growth over the next five years and includes a systematic process for assessing program effectiveness at and after graduation.  

Key Performance Indicators:
 • Tracking the execution of priorities and processes defined in the Academic Plan, including implementation of new programs, courses, and other programming.
 • Alumni will report that they have successful lives and productive careers as a result of their UW-Whitewater educational experiences.  
 • Employers will report satisfaction with the educational preparation of alumni.  

Objective 2: We will provide experiences that enhance student learning and development.  

Primary Action:
Increase student participation in High-Impact Practices (HIPs) and co-curricular experiences.  

Here's how:
Building upon the strong foundation of our LEAP (Liberal Education and America's Promise) initiative, define what is meant by high-impact practices (HIPs) and clearly articulate those HIPs that are most effective; use this information to establish and promote well-defined, effective HIPs.  

Key Performance Indicators:
 • Effectiveness of HIPs and co-curricular experiences will be documented and increase based on mechanisms developed for assessing student learning and success outcomes in High Impact Practices.  
 • Increased participation in the most effective HIPs and co-curricular experiences.  

Objective 3: We will recruit, retain, and support talented and diverse faculty and staff who are committed to challenging and empowering students to reach their fullest potential.  

Primary Action:
Implement and support programs that improve faculty and staff recruitment and retention, with a particular focus on promoting diversity, community-building, and work-life balance.   

Here's how:
Develop processes and programs that promote diversity, build community, and support work-life balance, including the creation of more visible spaces and programming that are focused on professional development of all faculty and staff.  

Key Performance Indicators:
 • Increased recruitment and retention of faculty and staff with specific attention to diversity.
 • Documentation of programs that promote professional development for faculty and staff; track participation and link participation to professional outcomes for faculty and staff.
 • Positive work environment and attitudes among faculty and staff.