Student Handbook

Commitment to Respect for all Individuals and Their Individual Differences

All members of the UW-Whitewater community have the responsibility to demonstrate basic respect for all individuals. We communicate this respect in all aspects of behavior, including our expressed ideas, our associations with others in social groups and organizations, and our interactions with others in the classroom environment. A fundamental objective of the university is increased contact with and understanding of individuals who are different from ourselves, and exposure to ideas that challenge our preconceptions. Members of the UW-Whitewater community have a responsibility to promote and a right to expect:

  1. The widest possible range of free inquiry, expression and exchange of ideas.
  2. A curriculum that provides increased appreciation of and respect for a diverse world of people, ideas and experiences.
  3. Consistent implementation of federal, state, and university protections in pursuit of an environment that is free of discriminatory behavior and harassment.