First Year Experience

Our First Year Experience Office has taken the issue of sustainability seriously and have worked with our office on implementing various sustainability initiatives through their programming.  This is of particular value because they have extraordinarily high levels of contact with incoming freshman to help acclimate them to our campus.  This is an important moment in these students' lives and it is helpful to let them know some of the basic ways they can contribute toward our overall campus sustainability efforts.

Sustainability Guidance for Incoming Freshman

Our efforts to reach out to students has evolved into a partnership with student organizations called the UW-Whitewater Earth Initiative. You can visit our page dedicated to Sustainable Living Guides and Tips to learn more about how to be a more sustainable student and ways to get more involved. The Earth Initiative has made visits to New Student Seminar classes to get into more depth on sustainable living. There are also several Learning Communities that cover sustainability-related topics. Check out The Business of Positive Influence, Covalent Bonds, and HeLaHawks! Others in the past include Green Business is Good Business and Conscious Capitalists.

Water Bottles for All

Since the 2012-13 academic year, the First Year Experience office partnered with various campus offices and departments to provide all incoming freshman with a free refillable water bottle to use instead of disposable plastic bottles.  This initiative allows us to avoid using thousands of disposable water bottles throughout the events during Club U Dub Dub and gives students a water bottle to use at any of the free filling stations across campus throughout the year!  

The issue of disposable water bottles is a serious concern for our campus sustainability efforts and for many of the students engaged in these issues. Visit our Water page for details about water conservation, Majors and Minors for degrees related to the water industry, or student organizations for information on how to get involved in the water bottle issues through the Take Back the Tap campaign.

Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) Leads the Parade

Freshman are welcomed to campus in style at UW-Whitewater, and the culminating event from Fall 2009 featured Chancellor Telfer trading in his signature moped for a night to drive our new all-electric Neighborhood Electric Vehicle, which saw daily use by Facilities Planning & Management staff the rest of the year for driving around campus and keeping our carbon emissions low.  Chancellor Telfer continually demonstrated and voiced his commitment for sustainable initiatives on campus and this event was especially exciting for us to let him show it in style!

The NEV is ready to lead the parade once Chancellor Telfer is behind the wheel.

Chancellor Telfer enters Perkins Stadium in one of our NEVs.