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Sustainability Fund

The Student Sustainability Fund provides money to students to fund projects that help make UW-Whitewater a more sustainable campus. This money is offered to promote sustainability on campus and involve the student body in these initiatives. The goal is that the level of awareness of these is issues are heightened and our campus continually adopts sustainability initiatives to continue to reduce our campus' global footprint.

Types of grants

Tier I Grants are small grants (up to $500) that fund projects that will be completed in one semester. Grant applications are due throughout the whole semester, but must be completed by the semester of which it was submitted by. Grants will be approved by grant sub-committee and will seek help from the WSG Sustainability Director.

Tier II Grants are larger grants ($200-$5000) that are completed by the end of the academic year. These grants must be assisted with the help of a faculty or staff mentor, and must have achievable goals that will be completed within one academic year. Projects will be accepted by grant sub-committee.

Tier III Grants are substantial grants (more than $5000 or 50% of the Sustainability Fund) that fund multi-year project(s). Before acceptance, a full feasibility report must be completed. It must be assisted by faculty or staff mentor, and must have a concise timeline that will list all parties completing throughout the entire project. Projects will be presented and approved by the entire Sustainability Council.

Feasibility Study Grants The Sustainability Fund will provide grants of $250 to students who will examine a project that would be suitable for a Tier III Grant. This study will provide a detailed report of the timelines, parties involved, and budget (with additional funding sources). Reports will be compiled into a dynamic document for other interested parties to use if the plan doesn't get completed by author of report. Reports will be presented and accepted by Sustainability Council.

Projects could include, but are not limited to:

  • Increased signage for conservation and recycling on campus
  • Equipment for an electric bike
  • Shared bicycle program
  • Regional bus program
  • Purchase of plants and trees on campus

Projects including the following will NOT be considered for funding

  • Microloans
  • Educational Research
  • Purchase for off-campus equipment
  • Wages and Salaries

Proposal Process/Guidelines

To apply for the Student Sustainability Fund money, complete the application and submit it electronically via e-mail to sustainability@uww.edu by desired due date. Applications will be reviewed at least once a month, and be approved on a monthly basis. Project awards will be awarded on the resources of the remaining fund and must be based on the following requirements and criteria:

  • Sponsored by a full-time student(s) or recognized student organization that is sponsored by a full-time faculty or staff member to be eligible to apply.
  • Located on campus property and must adhere to applicable University of Wisconsin System policies.
  • Include a well researched application that clearly describes projects intent, budget, timeline, and student involvement.
  • The total amount available to the Student Sustainability Fund for all projects is $10,000/year ($5,000/semester).

Considerations When Applying

There are certain priorities that are important to consider when implementing a sustainability project. Submitted proposals will be judged by, but not limited to, the following preferred criteria:

  • Project proposals have goals and objectives that seek to directly advance the sustainability of UW-Whitewater and have a visible and identifiable impact on student sustainability awareness.
  • Projects that have a timeline with periodic deliverables (reports, photo-journal, etc) that provides regular feedback and awareness to project progress.
  • Benefit all three aspects of sustainability: environmental, economic, and social justice.
  • Impact that extends beyond the UW-Whitewater campus to involve the City of Whitewater and/or regional community.
  • Involve collaborations with various University organizations, departments, and/or faculty.

The Sustainability Fund Subcommittee reserves the right to refer proposals to the appropriate representative(s) of departments that may be affected by the proposed project prior to reviewing the overall budget (Campus Landscaping Committee, Director of FP&M, Risk Management, Faculty Senate)


If you have any questions concerning the program or need help filling out the application, please contact Wesley Enterline, Sustainability Coordinator, Dr. Josh Mabie, Sustainability Fellow, or Sarah Bregant, WSG Sustainability Director.