UW-Whitewater students tutorial services



Shannon Burback, former
Public Relations Office Worker, Spring 2017
When I first was offered the position to work as a public relations/office worker for the Academic Support Center I did not realize the impact it was going to have on me. This job has been the most beneficial job I have ever had, this job has honestly provided me with so much information that I will be able to use later in life when I am working as a School Psychologist. This job has highly prepared me for the big steps towards my career. Not only was I learning public relations work I was learning how to better communicate with a wide diverse amount of people. I have learned valuable skills such as professional writing, time management, and public speaking. Now that I am graduating and looking back on my experience I can say this experience has given me more than I ever expected. Overall, this position has been one of my most memorable experiences here at UW-Whitewater and I will miss working in the office. Overall, I have learned countless skills and am leaving with endless memories.

-Shannon Burback, Public Relations Office Worker Spring 2014 – Spring 2017

Lisa M. Lang, former
Accounting SI, Spring 2017
When I first started out, I didn't realize the impact this job would cause. As a tutor and supplementary instructor for four years, I have been able to succeed in some many other aspects of my life because of it. I became a better communicator and public speaker as well as having way more confidence in both of those areas. I was able to stay up-to-date with my accounting knowledge, which helped me immensely when I was studying for the CPA exam. I feel like the reason I passed all for sections of the CPA was partially due to teaching the material for so long. But by far the most rewarding and beneficial part of this job is the people you meet. I have become close friends with many of the students I have tutored and have beern told countless times that I was the main reason they passed the class. I loved this job and would recommend it to anyone that has a desire to teach others, a desire to help others, and a desire to learn. When you start you think that this jobs is just helping others, but in reality it helps you way more.".

-Lisa M. Lang, Accounting SI Tutor Fall 2013 – Spring 2017

Zach Losel, former
Writing & Accoutning Tutor, Spring 2017
I first began tutoring in Fall 2015, after a professor suggested giving it a try. Since then, I had the opportunity to tutor many motivated and intelligent students focused on improving their academic performance. The students I worked with included international students, adult students, and graduate students. I enjoyed the flexibility of the position, as well as the convenience of working in a building very close to Hyland Hall. The most rewarding part of my job was helping students develop as writers. In multiple instances, I had students who struggled with writing when we first met, but consistently improved as the semester progressed. Another benefit of tutoring was the opportunity to learn about subjects such as history, political science, psychology, journalism, and biology. Ultimately, I loved working for the Academic Support Center because I believed in our mission to help students learn and grow..

-Zach Loesl Writing & Accounting Tutor Spring 2015 - Spring 2017

Pedro Aranda, former
Math Center & One-on-One Tutor, Fall 2016
Back when I was enrolled in Whitewater High School, I had also taken Calculus II and III here at the University. It was there in those classes where I met a friend who was really smart. Eventually I found out he was a math tutor on campus, and this was my introduction to the Campus Tutorial Center. I’ve worked at the Tutorial Center since my first semester, Fall of 2013 until I graduated in Fall of 2016, a full seven semesters. I started off with just one-on-ones, and after one semester I also worked in the Math Center. Although the material was the same every year, it was always a different experience. It was always exciting to work with new students, and to work alongside new co-workers. And with every new year my communication skills flourished, being able to help so many people with different learning styles and being able to teach the same thing in so many ways. Choosing the correct method depending on their way of thinking. During my last semester, I was also in charge of the Tutorial Center website. As an IT major, this was another great opportunity for me to grow. People can say what they want about the Campus Tutorial Center, but for me, it has been one of the most important and precious experiences on campus. I’ve made so many friends, and the sheer satisfaction of my client’s gratitude when they come back and thanking me for all the help after they have passed their class. Tutoring was one of the few things I looked forward to every day. I’ve learned so much during my time here, refining my math skills, becoming much more comfortable talking to people, and improving my time management skills. The Math Center truly is a community of its own, and I’m grateful to have been part of such a great community for so long. .

-Pedro Aranda, Math Center and One-on-One Tutor Fall 2013 – Fall 2016

Amanda McCormick, former
Math Tutor, Spring 2016

I have worked for the Tutorial Center since my first semester here at Whitewater. It has been a great experience that will stick with me for the rest of my life. I began tutoring as a one-on-one tutor and working in the math center. I began running SI sessions soon after. I had always enjoyed math and tutoring and I was able to do so here while helping people. The people I have helped have kept me coming back year after year. I have even met my best friends while working at the Tutorial Center. Helping people always comes with a great feeling of accomplishment and pride. I am happy knowing that I provided comfort and relief to students who were frustrated with math and business courses. My favorite part of working as a tutor was when the students would come to me specifically to say, "Thank you," and I could tell that they really, truly meant it.

Aside from the people I've been able to help, the constant review of material has been significant in my goals of becoming an actuary. Tutoring allowed me to review all levels of math and my business courses. I learned it so much better by teaching others; I now understand the background concepts and it helped me to get to where I am today. 

-Amanda McCormick, Math Center and Accounting Tutor 2012-2016


Wendy Spencer, former
Writing Tutor, Fall 2015
My experiences as an SI leader and a writing tutor provided me with the best opportunity I could possibly have accessed on campus as a future teacher. I was able to practice the skills I was learning in class—from creating and modifying lesson plans to implementing behavior management strategies and so much more—so that I was more prepared for my own classroom by the time I started my student teaching placement. Outside of my professional development, I loved working at Campus Tutorial Services. I loved the variety that accompanied working in the Writing Center; every day, I was able to work with different people and help to develop each of their unique writing styles. Alternatively, I also had the opportunity to work closely with the same students over the course of a whole semester during my SI sessions and I could watch them grow and improve, which was a very rewarding experience. I am happy to say that the friends I’ve made and the memories I’ve shared will long outlast the short time I worked here.

-Wendy Spencer, Writing Tutor, Fall 2015

Dan Richard, former
Math Tutor, Fall 2015

Tutoring in the math center was a really enjoyable experience. For my career, it is really important to be able to explain difficult mathematical concepts in a simple way everybody can understand. This provided a great opportunity to practice my communication skills. Also, it was really nice to be able to stay refreshed on all of the math content from all of the courses the university can offer. Overall, I really enjoyed my time here, and it was incredibly rewarding to help other students and see how my efforts made a difference at the university.

-Dan Richard, Math Tutor, Fall 2015

Paul Stephenson, former
Math SI & Tutor, Fall 2015
The tutoring center has been like a home for me the last 4 years. I have been the longest surviving employee that has been through the center to this day! It is not just the subjects that I enjoyed or the smiles on everybody's individual faces for helping them understand a topic or help them through a question, but the sense of community in the tutorial center. The atmosphere is welcoming and always a place that has an upbeat feeling for it (with the exception of the first few days). The center always has a way of turning a low day into a day of fun and excitement. The amount of experience I gained in the center was invaluable. With wanting to become a teacher, SI and tutoring were both great opportunities improve my own knowledge while finding a good way to share it with others. SI has helped with time management and has my the transition from the college setting to the high school classroom easy. With 4 years of repetitive material it starts to get easier that you can notice the material and know where common errors are. So if you are debating if you would like to sign up for the job or not ask yourself if you want to truly understand a topic along with others and indulge yourself into the topics enough that you can truly see the beauty behind the math and the subtle differences between styles that students bring and perceive information, if the answer is yes you might as well start and sign up for the experience of a lifetime that will only last for the short time that you can stay in college.

-Paul Stephenson, Math Tutor and SI, Fall 2015

Maggie Connelly, former
Writing Tutor, Fall 2015

I was interested in becoming a tutor the moment I stepped foot on campus in Whitewater. However, I didn't apply to become a tutor until my Junior year of college because I wanted to make sure I was fully able to actually provide tangible feedback when tutoring. I thought because I had applied so late in the game I, in a sense, missed my opportunities to gain the experience that I could have. However, I was extremely mistaken.

While working at the tutoring center as a Writing tutor, I have been able to learn and achieve so much experience for my future career. I am a Professional Writing and Publishing major, and one of the most important aspects of going into editing is being able to respectfully talk to clients about what they have written. Tutoring at the Writing Center has taught me this better than I think any other job could have. I have had a great opportunity to have a lot of one-on-one time with people of all different ages and writing levels as well as edit papers of all different subjects. This is fantastic experience for the future simply because I am much more comfortable editing documents even when I do not necessarily know the subject matter all that well. In editing, especially starting off trying to find a job, it is never clear exactly what kind of material you will be handed to edit, so this job has taught me how to be flexible, knowledgeable, and able to use the skills I do have to work with and perfect documents. I feel so much more confident about my editing and writing skills from having this job even if it was for a short amount of time. I would highly recommend a job in tutoring for anyone who wishes to advance on skills they already have, no matter what subject you would tutor, and for people who enjoy aiding in helping others succeed.

-Maggie Connelly, Writing Tutor, Fall 2015

Jenna McMillan
Erin Platz, former
Office Staff, Fall 2015

I started working in the office August of 2013 because I was looking for an on-campus job. Now that I am graduating and looking back on my experience in the office of the tutoring center, I can honestly say that this position taught me a lot more than I expected. Besides all of the great friends I have made here, I have learned many skills including time management, problem solving, and public relations. I feel like these abilities can be applied to any job in my future. I also practiced employee management that taught me how to effectively enforce rules and work with others. Overall, I will miss working in the office, but I know I am leaving with countless skills and lessons learned.

-Erin Platz, Office Staff, Fall 2015

Jenna McMillan
Kat Bishop, Writing
Tutor, Fall 2015

When I was first hired as a tutor, I was primarily doing it because I wanted to help other students learn the material and understand techniques to write more eloquently. I’ve been a Writing Tutor the past4 semesters and I never thought that I would enjoy my job as much as I did. Not only did I find quite a few friends in fellow tutors, but I also learned a lot about myself and my capabilities. Having to explain a concept to someone else not only helped me retain the information that I had learned, but I also improved my communication skills by explaining the same concept in multiple ways. It was also easily one of the most rewarding jobs I’ve ever had; nothing is more fulfilling than receiving an excited e-mail from a student saying “Look, I got an A! Thank you so much for your help!”

-Kat Bishop, Writing Tutor, Fall 2015

Aileen Molina
Aileen Molina,
Writing Tutor,
Fall 2015

Working as a writing tutor and office staff member was beneficial to my personal growth, educational success, and preparation for the future. As a writing tutor, I was able to perfect my writing abilities, since one of the most efficient ways of learning is to teach. Fine tuning those skills helped me become an even better writer, which my grades reflected. The opportunity to teach and help others was also an enjoyable experience, especially when my tutoring sessions not only helped with a particular assignment, but also with the academic growth of the student. This helped me prepare for my career goal, which is to be a professor. Overall, working at the tutoring center was fun, challenging, and an excellent learning experience.

-Aileen Molina, Writing Tutor, Fall 2015

Alyssa Pals
Alyssa Pals, Office
Staff, Fall 2015

Working at the Academic Support Center has been a great experience. Since I've started working here in the office, I've gained so many skills. Specifically, my communication skills have increased tremendously. I have gained communication skills in person, over the phone, and through email. Also, giving tours of the Tutor Center helped me gain public speaking skills. There are many projects that I was able to also work on that helped me gained project management skills as well as time management skills. Not only did I learn a lot of the job, I met some amazing people. Some of which are my best friends. It has been such a wonderful experience working for the Tutor Center and I would highly recommend applying to anyone who may be considering it.

-Alyssa Pals, Office Staff, Fall 2015


Jenna McMillan
Edwin Wincek, former
Math SI, Fall 2015
I started tutoring during the fall 2013 semester, during my time working for the Academic Support Center, I was the Supplemental Instructor for the Calculus I and II courses. I started tutoring because I really enjoyed mathematics, and have a passion for helping people. You do not have to be an educational major to be a tutor, or a great one for that matter, you just have to care about people. I’m a Finance major, and in my career, I will help people with Financial Planning and Wealth Management. When I started tutoring, I never expected to really enjoy teaching nearly as much as I did. For me teaching was very enjoyable, knowing that I have helped hundreds of students over the past few years is very satisfying. It’s very cool to be able to run and teach a class on your own. When students reach out to you to say thank you for how you have made a difference in their academic careers, it truly means a lot. Being a tutor has impacted me greatly, and later in life I would like to pursue becoming a college professor to teach business. The Academic Support Center is a place where thousands of students over the years have come to better their education, and I would highly recommend becoming a part of it.

-Edwin Wincek, Math Tutor and SI, Fall 2015

Jenna McMillan
Stephanie Nigon, former
Accounting SI, Fall 2015
Working in the tutorial center for the past 4 semesters has been a great opportunity. Beginning only as an accounting SI, I improved my public speaking skills. Standing in front of a group that expects me to know the answers and explain concepts clearly was intimidating at first. I also became a one-on-one tutor and started working in the Math Center. This greatly improved my communication skills. In the Math Center, specifically, you never know what classes or concepts students will need help with. I learned how to think on my feet and tell a student when I do not know the answer. However, for both accounting and math, I learned more, and I learned old concepts better than before. Another form of tutoring that I did during my time at the tutorial center was satellite hours in Starin. My favorite part was that the students who attended became regulars, and we all got to know each other well by the end of the semester. Overall, tutoring has improved my skillset and helped me meet many new people.

-Stephanie Nigon, Accounting Tutor and SI, Fall 2015

Taylor Peltier
Taylor Peltier, former Math
SI and Tutor, Spring 2015

I have been a math SI for the last 3 semesters, and I can honestly say that I loved every second of my job. Not only was it a way to help other students, but it was also a place where I met many great friends. I always enjoy the look on a student's face when something finally clicks, and this job gave me an opportunity to see that every time I worked. This experience has also been invaluable for my future career. It has enhanced my communication skills and ability to talk about math fluently and in words that everyone can understand. I am hopeful that my work has helped the students I have tutored, but I know that it has definitely helped me as well. Tutoring is a great way to constantly review what you have previously learned, and it even makes certain material make more sense than the day you learned it. Overall, I am extremely grateful to have been given this opportunity, and I know that I would not be the person that I am today without out.

-Taylor Peltier, Math SI, Spring 2015

Jenna McMillan
Jenna McMillan, former
Accounting SI, Spring 2015

Working in the tutorial center has benefited me in multiple ways.  As the graduate assistant, I gained confidence and problem-solving skills. As a tutor and SI, I was able to help students navigate the world of accounting.  In the role of an SI, I was able to immensely improve my public speaking and ability to communicate.  It was also extremely helpful for retaining my content knowledge.  With this knowledge, I have had a much easier time with my upper level classes, MPA, and CPA Exams. The best part about working with students was the sense of fulfillment.  When you help others to succeed, not only are they appreciative, but you truly feel like you accomplished something great.  Campus Tutorial Services was an excellent experience that gave me the skills and confidence I need to succeed in my future. 

-Jenna McMillan, Accounting Tutor and Graduate Assistant, Spring 2015

Jozef Pisula
Jozef Pisula, former Writing
Tutor & GenEd SI, Spring 2015

We never really understand anything as well until we explain it to someone else. Of everything I gained working as a tutor at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, the most valuable thing is a more firm understanding and greater knowledge of writing and of history. Working as a writing tutor has improved my own academic writing. Moreover, I learned more about history by explaining it to students in my Historical Perspectives SI than I ever learned studying in my classes. 

Of course, I gained so much more than understanding by working as a tutor. I made new friends, developed great working relationships with professors, improved my public speaking skills, and learned what it means to teach someone. What I will miss most about my job as a tutor, however, will be the satisfaction that comes from helping someone truly understand something. Whether I am helping a student improve their writing or understand history better, the feeling of genuinely helping another student is truly gratifying. 

-Jozef Pisula, Writing Tutor and SI, Spring 2015

Dayna Mackie
Dayna Mackie, former Math
SI and tutor, Spring 2015

Working for the Academic Support Center has greatly shaped my abilities to teach as well as sharpened my math knowledge. Through my time as a math tutor, my math skills have increased phenomenally due to working with students and learning from my coworkers. Being able to help students every day I worked made every shift worth wild because the students that come in are so grateful for our help. As a student at UWW studying to become a high school teacher, having the opportunity to be a Supplemental Instructor was one that I could simply not pass up. The experience in the classroom, preparing lesson plans, teaching SI sessions and interacting with the students and teachers solidified my aspirations to teach in the future. 

-Dayna Mackie, Math Tutor and SI, Spring 2015

The Academic Support Center has been a wonderful place to work for the past three and a half years of my college career. I was able to meet, interact with, and  be a help to so many amazing people. Being an SI instructor was a great way for me to work on my leadership skills. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know my students, working with my SI professor, reviewing old course material that was helpful for grad school admission tests, and setting my own schedule as a tutor. 

-Laura Eidem, Chemistry SI, Spring 2015

Melissa Kennedy
Melissa Kennedy, former Writing
Tutor and SI, Spring 2015

When I first applied for a job as a writing learning assistant at the Academic Support Center, I was interested in gaining a new experience and adding a new line to my résumé. What I got out of this job was more than I could have ever imagined. I started my first semester working just a few hours in the Writing Center, but soon became an in-class and supplemental instruction tutor as well, working in a variety of settings with a variety of students every day. These varied experiences have both challenged and bettered me as a student and educator throughout my undergraduate career--they say that you really have to learn something to be able to teach it, and this experience has been humbling and powerful proof of that. Even though I do not plan to go into the field of education, the experiences I have had through this job have advanced me in seeking research opportunities, higher education, and employment. Whether in job training, professional development, or personal development, education plays a critical role in all fields, and this experience as an educator is one of the most valuable tools and skills I have to take with me.

-Melissa Kennedy, Writing Tutor and SI, Spring 2015

Emilia Cedron
Emilia Cedron, former
English SI, Spring 2015

Being a tutor is not just a job, it's an academic adventure. Working with students from all backgrounds, of all majors, and in all walks of life has truly been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had the opportunity to take part in. Not only was it great practice for me as an education major, but tutoring was also an eye opening experience to the world around me. I had the chance to improve upon my teaching techniques as well as interpersonal communication skills that are incredibly useful in daily situations as well as in the classroom. Even though I was the one helping other students with the planning of papers and presentations, the paraphrasing of information, the corrections and editing leading to the final product, I know I have been learning alongside those students as well. Tutoring is something I would recommend to any student who is interested in helping others succeed while at the same time growing personally, making tutoring a uniquely positive experience for all parties. 

-Emilia Cedron, English SI, Spring 2015

Jose Zenteno
Jose Zenteno, former
Econ Tutor, Spring 2015

When I applied for a tutoring position in the Academic Support Services I never thought that I would enjoy tutoring so much. As a tutor and supplemental instructor, I gained valuable communication and public speaking skills that I would have not been able gain somewhere else. I worked in the tutoring center for five semesters and not only I was able to understand Economics in a deeper way, but also I made a lot of friends through tutoring. I definitely think that my work experience in the tutoring center enhanced my graduate school application and helped me obtain a graduate assistantship to continue my education in Economics.

-Jose Zenteno, Economics Tutor, Spring 2015

Tyler Filipiak
Tyler Filipiak, former
SI, Spring 2015

Working as a tutor is an extremely rewarding job. The joy in watching a student evolve from struggle and frustration to triumph and success throughout the semester is, in my opinion, the best way to describe this gratifying experience. I will always remember the first time one of the students I tutored came to me after their exam to thank me for what a huge help I was. Aside from helping students succeed, tutoring also teaches the tutor many things as well. Through this position I have not only learned more about the subjects I tutored for by learning from the students, but I also gained patience, leadership and public speaking skills, among other things, that will all aid me greatly in my future career. I would recommend a job in tutoring to anyone who likes to see others succeed and wants to get a head start on their future career. 

-Tyler Filipiak, Health, Physical Education, and Coaching Tutor, Spring 2015

Brooke Wickman
Brooke Wickman, former
Biology SI, Spring 2015

My experience as a Biology SI is definitely at the top of my list of most gratifying jobs.  After utilizing SI sessions for Accounting 244 and 249, and then performing well in Bio 141, I decided I wanted to apply to be an SI instructor.  I had so much appreciation for the students who had helped me along in classes that I wanted to pay it forward to students who needed help with the material that came easily to me.  

As terrifying as it was realizing I was responsible for helping other students understand introductory biology material, it was so beneficial to me.  When you are the one responsible for teaching material, you really have to know what you're talking about!  This motivates you to do whatever it takes to prepare yourself for your SI or tutoring sessions, learning all the details you didn't necessarily understand when you took the course.  After being an SI for multiple biology sections, I now have such a good understanding of the course material.  Another perk of this job is working along with professors and building relationships with them.  A good working relationship could help you get a good letter of recommendation down the road.  I also found out how to change my presentation approach so that all of my students could understand the material.  Being an SI instructor has taught me to be considerate of different learning styles and has given me plenty of practice in helping others learn.  My experience as an SI instructor has also given me the opportunity to dabble in teaching, even though I'm not a teaching licensure student.  This job is part of the reason that I think I want to be a professor myself.  Seeing a light bulb turn on in a student's head and hearing about great exam performances made the time prepping lesson plans and artifacts worth it.  I'm so glad I took advantage of this job while in college, and I would encourage others to do the same.  

-Brooke Wickman, Biology SI and Tutor, Spring 2015

Jenna Hoeffert
Jenna Hoeffert, former
Math SI, Spring 2015

I have been a mathematics tutor since my freshman year of college. This was one of the most beneficial positions I have ever held. I have always had a passion for mathematics. This position led me to my decision of pursuing mathematics as a minor, and I couldn't be happier about this choice. I was confident from the start of my tutorial services. It was such a comfortable and inviting environment to work in. It has helped me grow not only as an adult, but also as a professional. Tutoring is a flexible job, which means time management is important. Tutoring had taught me how to balance school and work. Furthermore, it has prepared me for my major of education. I feel prepared creating lesson plans, teaching in front of a group, and answering questions about the topic. This is exactly what I will be doing as a math middle school teacher and I am confident going into the field. Nothing is more rewarding than helping someone through a problem and seeing their light bulb click. Being a tutor is a constant reminder of why I went into the field of education, to help everyone learn. The experience alone is worth the position. I am ready to take what I have learned as a tutor and apply it into the classrooms.

-Jenna Hoeffert, Math SI, Spring 2015

Peter Truell
Peter Truell, former Writing
Tutor and SI, Spring 2015

I started working at Campus Tutorial Services at the beginning of the Fall 2013 semester. I was a graduate student looking for a flexible on-campus job that would give me an opportunity to help others. I began tutoring psych statistics, and then moved to the writing center, where I spent the most time helping students. During my time at the tutoring center, I also had the opportunity to work as a graduate assistant, learning many office skills and connecting with students, staff, and faculty on the UWW campus. I have enjoyed 2 years of helping students at Campus Tutorial Services, and the job was very accommodating to my busy schedule.

For as much as Campus Tutorial Services has helped me, I can also say, from my experience, that it is a great asset to the university. Students have the opportunity to receive help in virtually every subject from fellow students that are knowledgeable and passionate about helping others. Many students have expressed their appreciation for these services, and as a tutor, I have enjoyed connecting with them and helping them along their journey.

-Peter Truell, Writing Tutor and SI, Spring 2015


Dean Bartel
Dean Bartel, former
Math Tutor 

The experience I have gotten while working in the Math Center has been the best experience I have gained while in college. This job has immensely helped me become a better teacher. Always tutoring students from many different math classes has greatly prepared to teach any math class in a high school. Tutoring many different people has made me more aware that everyone learns differently and it has allowed me to teach in different ways. The best thing about working in the math center has been gaining new relationships with clients and co-workers. I am very glad I was able to have this experience.

--Dean Bartel, Math Tutor, Fall 2014 

Nikki Lutter
Nikki Lutter, former
English SI & PPST Tutor, Fall 2014
Working as a tutor has been a tremendous addition to my Whitewater experience. My position as a SI leader made me feel better connected to the University and helped me build bonds with other students, improving my collaborative and leadership skills. I also formed bonds while working collaboratively with professors, all of whom promised me glowing letters of recommendation based on my performance as a tutor. This position also allowed me use new technology, like SmartBoards and PowerPoint, which is a highly sought after skill in all fields. As a reading and writing PPST tutor, I have learned a lot of the intricacies of English grammar, which has benefited my own student papers and, ultimately, my Professional Writing and Publishing degree. I know that it is because of this job that I was able to graduate cum laude and find a job within days of graduating. I highly suggest this job to all majors! It is a wonderful experience and probably the best student job on campus.

--Nikki Lutter, English SI & PPST Tutor, Fall 2014 

Ellen Jilek
Ellen Jilek, former
Math Tutor, Fall 2014.
I really enjoyed my time working in the math center. It helped me with my ability to communicate what I know and understand to someone who does not understand the material. I met new people that challenged my understanding of the material and met people that I know will succeed due to the time they spent here learning the material. I plan on going onto graduate school in geophysics. This job here will hopefully help me get a position as a teaching assistant. I have been told to try to work in the field you are going into as an undergraduate. Now I can tell you it is just as important to try helping others understand what you are doing because it helps you know if you are ready for the next step in your educational or professional field of work.

--Ellen Jilek, Math Tutor, Fall 2014 

Amy Matthews
Amy Matthews, former 
Writing Tutor, Spring 2014.
Working in the Writing Center as a tutor has been a great experience for me. Not only did it allow me to improve the skills of others, but my own work grew throughout the experience. The most rewarding thing about working as a tutor is seeing the growth of students that continuously make appointments with you. I have had several students throughout my years that have made repeat appointments with me, and it’s awesome to see their writing skills improve. The experience of working as a Writing Center Tutor has been invaluable, and there has been so much that I learned from the experience. I would recommend working in the Tutorial Center to anyone who is interested; you will build relationships with students, and communication skills that will last a lifetime!

--Amy Matthews, Writing Tutor, Spring 2014 

Ashley Pozel
Ashley Pozel, former 
English SI, Spring 2014
For the past three years, I have served as a writing tutor and supplemental instructor, a position for which I am extremely grateful. Not only has being a member of the Tutorial Center increased my knowledge of subject matter, but it has also readily prepared me for my future career in education. My ability to pass on knowledge to others has improved significantly since working as a tutor, significantly helping me in my field placements and job searches. Ultimately, this job has benefited me in many ways; however, perhaps the greatest reward of my position here has been the connection I've made with fellow tutors and clients. The rapport built with my clients has helped me continue to enjoy going to work each day, and the relationships I have developed with my colleagues have grown into long-lasting friendships. I appreciate all of my time spent working for the Tutorial Center, and it has provided me with immeasurable benefits.

--Ashley Pozel, English SI, Spring 2014 

Byrnn Long
Brynn Long, former 
Office Staff, Spring 2014
I started working at the Academic Support Center when I first transferred to UW-Whitewater. I have met some of the best people I know from working here. I have gained excellent communication and problem solving skills from working here. I have been with the center for a little under two years. Although I am happy to be graduating, I will truly miss working here. It has been a pleasure to be around individuals who care about students learning and to be a part of student success.

--Brynn Long, Office Staff, Spring 2014 

Chelsea Lamberty, former 
Accounting SI, Spring 2014
Most obviously, being an SI has expanded my communication and networking skills. In addition, my patience, self-confidence, and ability to think outside of the box have also improved. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a lot of great people and gained a little confidence along the way. Now that I have a better understanding of how I learn, I’ve realized that not everyone learns the same way. As a future professional, I face the challenge of learning many new skills and comprehending even more subject matter. I may even have to teach others along the way. My involvement with the tutoring center will enable me to tackle these challenges more quickly and easily than I ever could have without the experience. Most of all, I will miss all of the wonderful students with whom I had the privilege of interacting. Thank you for challenging me to be better, and consistently bringing a smile to my face. You will be missed!

--Chelsea Lamberty, Accounting SI, Spring 2014 

Christina Nitecke, former 
German Tutor, Spring 2014
My tutoring experience at UW-Whitewater is by far one of the most rewarding and memorable experiences as a student. I had the opportunity to meet with others who were just as passionate about the German language and culture as I am and this, in turn, has promoted the exchange of international ideas and ways of life. As a tutor, I learned that one doesn’t have to know all of the answers, and that not knowing allows not only the student to see that others may be in the same boat, but also that teaching and tutoring are learning processes in itself. I believe it is important to enjoy what you are tutoring, but also to be flexible in knowing that there is always more to learn. The knowledge that I acquired while tutoring is something that I will take with me into my future studies and career. Patience, creativity, and persistence are all strengthened traits I will take with me to Germany this year while abroad on a Fulbright Teaching Assistantship grant, and I hope that students there will be as knowledge thirsty as here. Overall, the tutoring position at UW-Whitewater has altered my perspective as a student and as a teacher, and I know no other opportunity would have provided me with the same insight I received while tutoring here.

--Christina Nitecke, German Tutor, Spring 2014 

Hillary Franzen
Hillary Franzen, former 
BiologyTutor, Spring 2014
Being a tutor has been a very enjoyable job that I would definitely recommend doing. It allows you to give someone the extra help they need in order to do better in a class. It is very rewarding to find out that one of the students that you have been working with has started to do better in the class since you have been helping them. In addition it also benefits you by giving you a nice review on your previous classes and it is something that will help boost your resume. Finally, if you have a really busy schedule it is a very flexible job that allows you to pick what hours work best for you.

--Hillary Franzen, Biology/Chemistry Tutor, Spring 2014

Jami Puth
Jami Puth, former 
Office Staff, Spring 2014
I began working at the Tutorial Center in the fall of 2012. I was just beginning graduate school and was looking for an on-campus job when the director contacted me asking me to be his graduate assistant for the next two years. My main role was keeping weekly reports of tutoring hours and the clients’ use of our services. I also served as a writing tutor and supplemental instruction leader as needed. At the time I did not realize how much this job would increase my confidence and public speaking ability, but through regular communication with campus administration and faculty, I became a confident and effective speaker in all aspects of communication. I will always remember my time at the Tutorial Center and will be forever grateful for experiences I had during this position and the opportunities that will come as a result.

--Jami Puth, Graduate Assistant, Spring 2014 

Katie Poch
Katie Poch, former 
Math SI, Spring 2014
When I was a freshman, one of my professors encouraged me to apply to become a math tutor. Being a Math Education major, I thought that this would be a good opportunity to gain experience in my field and also to make a little bit of money. I ended up loving this position and worked at the Academic Support Center for 7 semesters. Becoming a math tutor was one of the best decisions that I made in my college career. My communication skills improved significantly; I can speak about math much more fluently and can explain the subject in a clear way. Also, I gained more knowledge about math. I was able to work with students that had different professors and different points of view how to solve problems. I was able to discuss alternate approaches to problems to help the student understand the answer. I did not only gain knowledge and personal skills but also I gained a group of friends. While working in the math center you get to know other tutors that have a common interest in a subject. The tutors and office staff created intramural teams, hung out and became great friends. I am very happy with my experience in working in the Academic Support Center.

--Katie Poch, Math SI, Spring 2014 

Kelsey Fitzgerald
Kelsey Fitzgerald, former 
Biology SI, Spring 2014
I became a tutor my senior year primarily for Biology courses because I had a lighter class load in my last year as an Undergrad. Before becoming a tutor I was constantly forming study groups in classes and helping teach others the material I felt confident in. Tutoring helped me learn to explain material to my clients in a way to help them grasp the concept the way that I did. I believe that tutoring also helped me review old material that may be resurfaced in my Doctorate program next year. Overall, I truly took pride in my clients happiness and increase in grades. I had several clients tell me I was able to explain the content in a more relate able way than they learned in class. I even had a few clients do as well as 10% better on exams after taking the time to come into the tutoring center. Seeing the students come in distressed but leave with a smile on their face is why I took the tutoring job.

--Kelsey Fitzgerald, Biology SI, Spring 2014 

Samantha Ramsdell
Samantha Ramsdell, former 
Math Tutor, Spring 2014
Being a math tutor at the Academic Support Center has been a huge part of my college experience and has played a role in shaping me into the person I am today. Tutoring was an awesome way to interact with students that I wouldn't have crossed paths with otherwise and many of the regular students that came into the center became friends of mine around campus. This job was more than just a job; it brought so much joy to me to be able to serve students at UWW with the skills and talents that I have been blessed with. I am thankful for the life skills, responsibility, and patience this position has taught me.

--Samantha Ramsdell, Math Tutor, Spring 2014 

Sarah Berger
Sarah Berger, former 
Writing Tutor, Spring 2014
My time working at the academic support center has been one of the most challenging and valuable experiences during my college career. It has benefited me in countless ways. During my two-year employment here, I have tutored many students in Geneds, Psychology, PPST Reading and Writing, and especially in the writing center. Tutoring has forced me to develop and maintain my knowledge in these subject areas. In particular, my own writing has improved as a result of assisting other students with their writing. In addition, through my job as a tutor I have been able to meet and interact with students from almost every program offered on campus, which has allowed me to learn more about what UW-Whitewater has to offer. Not only this, but I have also learned from the students about a variety of cultures and perspectives on issues that I may not have considered beforehand. No tutoring session is the same, and because of this I have learned to problem solve, think outside of the box, and think on my feet. I have found that every day is a learning process, and if I do not know the answer to a student’s question, I will help them find the answer, thereby increasing my own knowledge. These are all skills that will be valuable to me in my future career, and I have already found my time as a tutor to be an asset during interviews. I will continue to use these skills that I have gained in my upcoming graduate school career and when I become a social worker. I will always look back on my time tutoring as something that helped me become a better person, particularly through helping students and developing relationships with peers. The students may have come to me for help with their academics, but they also taught me things about life that I will take with me when I leave the university.

--Sarah Berger, Writing Tutor, Spring 2014 

Sarah Pirkey
Sarah Pirkey, former 
Finance SI, Spring 2014
For the past two years, I served as a tutor and supplemental instructor for statistics. I was proud to become the first upper-level supplemental instructor for the College of Business for Finance 344. My favorite part of this position was the independence and flexible schedule. I was able to discover my own teaching style without the hierarchical pressures you would expect from a typical job. I built strong relationships with clients, while acknowledging that how I conduct my sessions can have a major impact on their academic performance. Many of my clients joked that I also served as their personal therapist because I brought ease, relaxation, and fun to stressful academic situations.

Not only has tutoring benefited my clients, but I personally gained incomparable skills as I learned and explored concepts. With hopes of becoming a stock analyst in the next few years, I plan to take the CFA exam to further my career. As a tutor for finance, I enhanced my understanding of equations and concepts I will see on this exam. In addition to the technical skills I have learned, I also gained communication skills. I enhanced my public speaking skills during my SI lectures, adapted to explain topics in different ways, and held myself to a high standard to be responsive to student needs. I feel confident in my abilities as I look into a professional finance position.

--Sarah Pirkey, Finance Tutor, Spring 2014 

Terilyn Heling
Terilyn Heling, former 
English Tutor, Spring 2014
I have been a member of the UW-Whitewater Academic Support Services staff for over two years serving as a writing tutor, Spanish tutor, conversational English tutor, and in-class tutor and teaching assistant for international English courses. Throughout this time I have grown as a tutor, as a teacher, and as an individual through my experiences with the people I have met, the subjects I have tutored, and the innumerous things I have learned. Through my various tutoring roles, I have had the opportunity to meet and work closely with students and professors from all around the nation and the world. Every day I attend a tutoring session, I learn something new, whether about language, culture, or another subject altogether. Tutoring is a two-way street; not only do I share my funds of knowledge with clients, but they also share theirs with me.

Tutoring is not only the marking up of papers with a red pen, but it is a process of learning, developing, and growing knowledge and skills, both academic and social. Working as a tutor has prepared me for my future as an educator; gaining experiences through in-class tutoring and working one-on-one with students has developed my language and writing abilities and my abilities to effectively present and relay information, communicate clearly, and perform comprehension checks. Because of everything I have gained and everything I have been able to share with others, my time as a tutor is one of the most valuable life experiences I will ever have.

--Terilyn Heling, English & Spanish Tutor, Spring 2014 

Chris Daley, former 
Writing Tutor, Fall 2013.
In my time working at the Academic Support Center, I was able to not only acquire many of the skills necessary to my career in teaching, but also to hone my own skills in my content area (English). Being able to see those who visited the Writing Center make improvements over the course of a semester and those who may have only come for help once have those type of "light bulb" moments when a point really hits home made all the work worth it for me. The Academic Support Center is a great resource for students as well as workers, and I am truly proud that I had the chance to work there.

--Chris Daley, Writing Tutor, Fall 2013 

Chris Troge, former 
Math Tutor, Fall 2013
Working as a tutor for the Academic Support Center has been a truly invaluable experience. Although the majority of my time as a tutor was spent in the math center, I also assisted with economics and finance on occasion. Helping students with their academics was incredibly gratifying, and I have learned a lot in the process. The versatility of my communication improved exponentially, and I am much more comfortable speaking in front of groups of people. Tutoring has also improved my patience, self-confidence, and overall analytical abilities, and I know that these skills will be advantageous in any career I pursue. Although I am happy to be graduating, I will miss cultivating mathematical knowledge and interacting with students on a daily basis. In short, if you are considering becoming a tutor: do it. It's pretty awesome. You teach people, you learn things, you have fun, and you get paid. How neat is that?

--Chris Troge, Math Tutor, Fall 2013

Nathan Moon, former 
Writing Tutor, Fall 2013.
When I first began working, it was strictly as a writing-center tutor. I had transferred from UW-Rock County and had switched my major from secondary education to English. I still wanted to teach. The writing center allowed me to hone my skills as a writer and teacher; it challenged me to be patient and understanding, willing to meet the students where they were coming from. At the end of the year, I was sure I would stick with the center. I returned Fall, 2013 as an in-class tutor for international students. This time, the stakes were increased: I was challenged more than ever before to "know my stuff." I felt a more pressing obligation to care for these visiting students and give them a great experience with English.At first, I was not sure how to connect with the students, but I began to appreciate their genuine interest in learning the language I had taken advantage of. This impression encouraged me to do all I could to continue helping them. I was able to make friends with many of the international students, and I am honored to have worked with them. They taught me a lot about myself. I have become a more patient educator by working with them.I am confident in saying that the experience is invaluable because you are forced to meet others where they are at, to think creatively, to follow directions, to be encouraging and compassionate, to always be inspired, and to admit that you do not know everything. You will be faced with questions that have no definitive answers, and that is okay. If I did not learn these skills, I would have no future to look forward to as a professional.

--Nathan Moon, Writing Tutor, Fall 2013

Jaxom Smith, former 
Writing Tutor, Spring 2013
The time I spent as a writing tutor in the Academic Support Center was one of my favorite experiences while attending UW-Whitewater. Each day there I was there I was not only able to hone my skills at writing and editing, but I was also able to help fellow students in the process. By conversing with clients over the course of a session, or sometimes over multiple sessions, I was able to gain insight into many different kinds of educational paths that I would have never been exposed to if I was not a tutor. After working here, I not only feel more informed about the nature of programs offered at Whitewater, but also by extension at other universities. Whether people I meet in the future studied biology or business law, I will have almost assuredly helped someone like them complete an assignment in the past. This has made it easier for me to relate to people with a wide variety of experiences, a skill which will I am sure will be very valuable in my life. Also, discovering more about the writing of other students has made me more mindful about the quality of work that I produce both for my classes and for other jobs. I can honestly see a difference in my writing now from when I began working in the Center and I only have my time there to thank for that. I would recommend tutoring here to anyone who values work that is both mentally stimulating and personally meaningful.

--Jaxom Smith, Writing Tutor, Spring 2013

Jennifer Happ, former 
Psychology Tutor, 
Spring 2013
When I started off my years at UW-Whitewater, I never would have thought that I would be tutoring others on a subject matter of Psych Statistics. Now that the semester is over and I have been tutoring, I would not trade this experience for anything. I really learned how to work with individuals in a different aspect at the university. I have helped them to achieve their goals for the subject and feel more confident in their math skills. Working as a one on one and an SI teacher, I really learned how to work in a group setting and an individual setting. I have gained so many skills that I will use in my future endeavors. Part of me wishes that I would have started tutoring at the center sooner because I have loved every minute of it and do not want to be done.

--Jennifer Happ, Psychology Tutor, Spring 2013

Krystal Powell, former 
Accounting S.I., 
Spring 2013
I have worked for the tutoring center for the last 3 years. During my tenure here, I tutored Accounting. At first it was scary thinking that I was responsible for trying to help further teach students a difficult subject. After the first few weeks, I really found something that I love doing. Being able to help someone better themselves is something to cherish and is very humbling as well. I took on a lot of Accounting classes and met a lot of people throughout this experience and because of the amount of tutoring I did, I built lasting friendships with some of the people that I saw on a weekly basis. Overall my experiences here have been tremendous and I would recommend tutoring to anyone.

--Krystal Powell, Accounting Tutor, Spring 2013  

Melissa Hilgendorf, former 
Office Staff, Spring 2013
I started working in the office at the Academic Support Center when I transferred to Whitewater in the spring of 2010. I was just looking for a job and a source of incomeâ€"I never knew how much I would benefit and grow as an individual while working here, or how much I would truly enjoy my time here. One of the greatest things I owe to my time at the Academic Support Center is gaining the self-confidence to communicate clearly and effectively with others. Working at the Academic Support Center allowed me to come out of my shell and to form great relationships not only with staff members, but with clients as well. The experiences I had and the lessons I learned here are invaluable, and I will carry them with me throughout the rest of my life.

--Melissa Hilgendorf, Office Staff, Spring 2013

Chris (left), former 
Writing Tutor, Fall 2012
I've worked at the UW-Whitewater Academic Support Center for the last three years. I began my tenure here as a writing tutor, but have since taken roles as in-class tutor for various classes, as well as tutoring a variety of subjects beyond writing such as psychology, philosophy, history, and the PPST reading and writing tests. I have also trained several incoming tutors and worked closely with faculty to provide the best tutorial services possible. The last three years have given me a renewed appreciation for pedagogy and have given me an opportunity to develop relationships with students and faculty in an academic and social capacity. While I always considered my role as a tutor primary, I've learned to make the experience mutually interactive so clients enjoy the experience and feel comfortable learning from a peer. I've had so many great experiences while tutoring and would recommend this position for anyone who is passionate about education.

--Chris Smyczek, Writing Tutor, Fall 2012

Jody (left), former 
Writing Tutor, Fall 2012
It has been a great blessing and privilege to work at the Academic Support Center during my undergraduate career at UW-Whitewater. As a future high school English teacher, I have always wanted to pursue my dream of writing and teaching English professionally. This job has only reaffirmed my educational pursuits. As a writing tutor, I also had the great opportunity to serve as an in-class tutor and PPST tutor. These positions allowed me to help students in creative ways and approach each new challenge from a different perspective. There are many great benefits to working as a tutor, both personally and educationally. I am a firm believer that writing is an extremely creative and personal process. Tutors should be considerate of every student’s writing, and respectfully acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses. I have honed my skills of carefully listening to the wants and needs of every individual that I encounter. As an aspiring future educator, there is no greater satisfaction than to witness students understand a literary concept that they may not have before. I also gained a lot of experience from leading English 101 tutor-led study groups, which further prepared me for field study and student teaching.The Academic Support Center employs charismatic and conscientious people that are willing to help students in every possible way. The tutors and office staff are inviting and respectful of all that are in need of assistance with their homework, research papers, and other school-related tasks. It is important to realize that everyone learns at different levels, and a tutor must be courteous and accepting of all differences. Under Dr. Staff's wise tutelage, I have been able to academically support students based on their own specific learning styles. This position has taught me to be flexible with all different types of situations that pertain to not only writing, but in pursuit of my own educational endeavors. Working as a writing tutor has exceeded all of my expectations, and I am glad that I applied and became a part of such a great team. It has been a great pleasure working as a writing tutor and representing my university in an impactful way. I am truly grateful for all of the enlightening experiences and opportunities that the Academic Support Center has given me. I would highly recommend this job to any open-minded and driven individual that desires to help students reach their educational ambitions.

--Jody Reaves, Writing Tutor, Fall 2012

Andrew (left), former 
math tutor, Spring 2012
As an aspiring secondary education teacher, working in the Academic Support Center has been very beneficial in honing my math and teaching skills.  I would strongly suggest to anyone who wants to be a teacher to work here. It has been a great experience, and I have learned a lot about how to teach in addition to the subjects I will be teaching. Before I started working here, I did not feel prepared to teach because I felt my skills were not strong enough. However, now that I am done, I feel very confident in my teaching abilities. Overall, I met many people and made a lot of friends and had a great time while learning how to teach.

--Andrew Bouffiou, S.I. Math Tutor, Spring 2012

Scena (left), former 
S.I. biology tutor, 
Spring 2012
Leading Supplemental Instruction for Biology 120 has been an extremely rewarding and valuable experience for me.  Although I am not going into education, explaining the basics of this material to students without a science background has given me a great foundation to build upon when I'm learning new things in my own classes.  Furthermore, communication is a very important skill for any job a person goes into, and this job has facilitated that for me.  I'm applying for laboratory jobs right now, and one of the questions that was asked one of my recent interviews was, "Can you give an example of a time when you had to explain complicated information in an understandable way?"  And, of course, I had several examples to give them.  On top of helping me with my own course material and career search, the greatest part of this job has been being able to help so many of my peers.  Over the past few years I've had several students bring me birthday gifts, send Christmas cards, send emails, or just come talk with me to say thanks for helping them that semester.  It's a great feeling to be able to help other people with things that come easily to me, and I'm so glad that I've been able to do that!

--Scena Satter, S.I. Biology Tutor, Spring 2012

Libby (right), former 
writing tutor, Spring 2012
Working with International Students is one of the best ways to get international experiences on the Whitewater Campus. After I studied abroad, I began working with International Students at the Writing Center, and it has been such a rewarding and fun experience. Each day, I interact with students from all over the world. I am able to help these gifted students expand their writing skills, but they also teach me a great deal about other cultures and languages. It is interesting to examine the English language from an alternative perspective, and it has definitely made me a better writer. The skills I have learned from working with international students have also contributed to my future career. As the workplace becomes more globalized, I am confident that I now have the skills to communicate with a variety of international audiences. In my opinion, working with individuals from other countries requires more than mastering another language. Working at the Writing Center has taught me to be more open and receptive to new ideas and communication styles.  I will never forget how much I learned during my two years working here!

--Libby Brandl, Writing Tutor, Spring 2012

Working as a learning assistant in the Academic Support Center has been an invaluable experience for me. Working with students one-on-one and in the context of S.I. sessions has not only made me more confident in my knowledge of linguistics and writing, but has also reignited the passion I have for these subjects in a way I could not have expected. I have had the opportunity to learn new things from students who tackle fresh subject material, and have also learned how to explain concepts in multiple ways to ensure that learners of all types can understand them. As such, my own learning process has evolved. I have come to find myself with new levels of patience, kindness, dedication, and integrity, and I am truly grateful for the part the Academic Support Center and the students I have worked with on campus have played in that growth.  After I graduate, I hope to always be a community educator on some level, and my experience with the Academic Support Center will continue to enhance the way I think about education. Because my eventual goal is to be a professor, I feel that working with students of all levels and abilities here at UW-Whitewater has given me a strong foundation for working with students in the future.

--Katka Showers-Curtis, Writing Tutor, Spring 2012

Kendra (right), former 
french and computer 
skills tutor, Spring 2012
For my last year of school, I was a tutor for French and Computer Skills, and it was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my undergrad career. I really enjoyed seeing people understand and concepts click right before my eyes. I will definitely miss being a tutor, and I hope that others continue to step up and help their peers, as it is a wonderful experience.

--Kendra Rowland, French and Computer Skills Tutor, Spring 2012

Robert (right), former 
math tutor, Spring 2012.
I was a math tutor for a couple years and I can honestly say I loved every second of it.  I met tons of people, made new friends, and I really sharpened my teaching skills.  The working environment was relaxed and fun.  The other tutors I worked with were all great people and I could count on them to help me if I got stuck on a problem. I would recommend becoming a tutor at Whitewater to anybody who loves their subject and helping others.

--Robert Dusel, Math Tutor, Spring 2012

Shannon, former 
office/public relations, 
Spring 2012
Although I wasn't a tutor at the Academic Support Services/Tutoring Center, I still benefitted a lot from working in the office there. First off, being an office worker taught me a lot of great computer skills like working with our systems as well as Microsoft Excel and UW-Whitewater's D2L (desire to learn). Secondly, was able to from great relationships with my fellow employees as well as our client's here in the tutoring center which really aided me with my interpersonal skills and communication skills. Being that I got along well with the tutors, I was not afraid to use the resources provided to our University. Many times I found myself in the math center getting some assistance anywhere from help with troublesome homework problems or needing to better my skills before an exam. I also attended a few of the S.I. sessions for several of my classes which really helped me to learn the content of my classes and retain the information I learned without any difficulties. Working with Dr. Staff in the tutorial center was a really rewarding experience and I couldn't have asked for a better on campus job. This job will help me so much in future and I can't wait to apply the skills I received from working with the tutors as well as in the office of the Academic Support Center.

--Shannon Gaska, Public Relations, Spring 2012

Jenna (left), former 
S.I. & math tutor,
Spring 2012
While working at the Academic Support Center, I was a tutor in the math center and lead study groups for Pathway students. Both jobs have benefited me so much because they helped me brush up on my math skills, especially Algebra, which will help me greatly as a student teacher next semester. I learned how to differentiate my lessons based on my students' needs, be flexible in my lesson plans, and how to teach large groups of students. I was also able to build positive friendships with them. Working here has affirmed my decision to become a math teacher. I love hearing my students say, "€œOh, now I get it." I especially love when my former students stop by my room, give me a hug, and say "Thanks so much for helping me out."€ From this experience, I feel prepared and excited to student teach!

--Jenna Smith, S.I. and Math Tutor, Spring 2012

Michael, former math 
tutor, Spring 2012
Being a math tutor at the Academic Support Center has been the best part of my college experience. I always knew I wanted to be a teacher and this job helped me determine, with confidence, that I wanted to teach college. The greatest part of this job was realizing how everyone learns different and it really makes you think on your feet in order to express the topic in a way that every student can understand. Seeing topics from classes I'd already taken showed me how important practice and repetition are in order to fully master a concept. Growing up I'd always heard the phrase "attitude is everything" and this job proved how important that is as both a student and a tutor.

--Michael Hinder, Math Tutor, Spring 2012

Justin (right), 
former S.I. & chemistry 
tutor, Spring 2012
I came into Whitewater as a declared chemistry major. Throughout my career as a student, I found out that I caught onto the material fairly quickly and grasped the concepts of what needed to be done. I would often help my friends with questions they were struggling with. My junior year, I helped my roommate when he was taking Chemistry 100. He told me that whenever I helped him, he felt like he understood the material better. So during my senior year, I decided to take what I've been doing a step further; I decided that I would provide my assistance to anyone taking general chemistry courses and use what my roommate had told me to empower myself. As a tutor, I tried to apply the method of asking my peers questions that would help them think the way they needed to on the difficult problems in hopes that they could then apply this and get to the point where they could do the problems on their own without any assistance. This demonstrated that I had the ability to pass on the knowledge that I accumulated throughout my college career to the students. This, in turn, empowered the students going into their quizzes and tests, improving their grade. I also felt that this has forced me to reestablish my base knowledge of chemistry, especially being an SI leader. But, the biggest part of all of this is that I am able to put this on my resume. So far, Geneva Labs in Elkhorn, WI is looking at me as a possible lab technician.

--Justin O'Rorke, S.I. Chemistry tutor, Spring 2012

Jason (far left), former
macroeconomics and 
writing tutor, Spring 2012
The real value in education resides in being able to help others learn. When I first started tutoring, I was unsure how I would react to the varying degrees of passion for education that students possess, but the students at Whitewater have surprised me time and time again with their genuine interest in education. After spending three academic years as a Resident Assistant, tutoring was a unique way in which I could continue to interact with younger students and help guide them through areas, which posed challenges. I am double majoring in Finance and Economics, and I feel some of my strongest skills were only enhanced through my exposure as a Learning Assistant at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

--Jason C. Hartwig, S.I. Macroeconomics and Business Subject Area Tutor, Spring 2012

Justin (left), former 
Conversational English 
tutor, Spring 2012
While working as a Conversational English tutor at UW-Whitewater, I developed many skills that will benefit me in my future career. I will soon be applying to become an ESL teacher in either South Korea or Japan and I can say that after tutoring, I feel much more confident in my abilities than I previously did. As a Conversational English teacher, I was able to meet many of the international students on campus. I feel that I was able to not only teach them, but also befriend many of them. Hearing somebody's language skills improve is one of the most gratifying feelings a Conversational English tutor can experience, and I leave UW-Whitewater knowing that I was able to make a difference in other people's lives. I thank Dr. Staff for having allowed me to become a Conversational English tutor.  Working as a tutor was an extremely rewarding experience which I would recommend to everyone. If I had the chance to do it all over again, I certainly would. Tutoring has helped solidify my desire to become an ESL teacher and has changed my life. My one regret is that many of the international students that I worked with will be returning to their own countries soon. However, I hope that my travels will allow us to one day cross paths again.

-- Justin Mueller, Conversational English Tutor, Spring 2012

Alexandra (left), former 
S.I. and writing tutor, 
Spring 2012
My job as a writing and accounting tutor this year was not what I planned during my college career, but it has benefitted me in more ways than one. Being an in-class tutor for English and Academic Skills classes, training new tutors, and creating MLA Documentation and Plagiarism workshops has really helped me develop my own niche in the wonderful world of the Academic Support Center. Working one-on-one with students and teachers has taught me to adapt to different but effective teaching and learning styles, which results in greatly improved communication through writing. By observing professors sharing their knowledge with their students, I've applied those skills to my own tutoring style. I've discovered that being flexible, really assists a tutor to reach out and successfully relieve the concerns students have about their writing and accounting weaknesses. In addition, conducting the library workshops, has not only enhanced my knowledge of MLA and plagiarism, but has allowed me to share that information with other students. The writing and communication skills that I have developed as a tutor are ones that I will continue to carry with me and improve upon as I begin my full-time job in the Fall. There is a great satisfaction in knowing that you can confidently answer a student's questions and leave them with new knowledge that they will hopefully pass unto others as well. At the end of my time in Whitewater, I can hardly imagine what this year would have been like without the experiences I've had as a tutor because it has revitalized my passion for teaching, and I would recommend this job to any student who would like to expand their knowledge in any subject area by becoming a tutor.

-- Alexandra Fenzel, S.I. and Writing Tutor, Spring 2012

John (right), former S.I. 
and science tutor, Fall 2011
I had decided early on in my college experience that I didn't want to teach, but, rather, I wanted to focus on research once I graduated. That attitude took a dramatic turn-around in spring of 2007 when I was approached by the director of the Academic Support Center to be a Supplemental Instruction Leader. I found out that I had been recommended by a professor whose class I had struggled in but, then had improved to pass. I took the offer since I needed a part-time job. I quickly found out that teaching was one of the greatest thrills I had ever experienced. I have since graduated in December of 2011 and had spent 3 great years (with 1 year spent in Australia) tutoring and leading S.I., even in subject areas I considered to be a personal weakness. I was even asked to tutor High School students that had called the University looking for help in their HS chemistry. After referencing my work for the school as a tutor, I have now been hired as a camp counselor for a camp in the Florida Keys teaching kids about Marine Science. I will always be grateful that I gave tutoring a try because it has changed my life.

-- John Udovich, S.I. and Science Tutor, Fall 2011

Lori (right), former S.I. and
math tutor, Fall 2011
While working for the Academic Support Center I have had the opportunity to both tutor in the Math Center and lead math study groups.  I'm student teaching next semester, and am incredibly grateful that I feel prepared for it because of what I've learned from my experiences working at the Academic Support Center.  They have been invaluable in helping me become better at explaining complex math concepts in different ways, being comfortable teaching a group of people, making lesson plans and being flexible with those plans, differentiating lesson plans to meet individual students' needs, and truly understanding how difficult some people find math.  Tutoring and leading study groups has reaffirmed my choice in becoming a math teacher, as nothing can compare to a student excitedly stopping in just to tell you that he or she got an A on their latest math test, or that moment of understanding when a student can clearly explain a math concept that he or she was just confused about.

-- Lori Ripple, S.I. and Math Tutor, Fall 2011

Joanne (right), former
math tutor, Fall 2011
As an elementary/middle education major and elementary mathematics minor, the academic support center provided me with a wonderful opportunity to gain more experience in my field as a professional educator.  As a math 148/149 and math 040/041 tutor, I have been able to practice effective teaching skills with students I have helped.  The students that I have tutored have challenged me with various learning abilities and disabilities.  I have gained a better understanding of different learning styles as well as different ways to guide students to understanding the topic they are learning.  These have been important strategies to experience and build a comfort level on to become better prepared for my future as a professional educator.

-- Joanne Gestwicki, Math Tutor, Fall 2011

Caitlin (left), former
S.I. & math tutor, Fall 2011
As someone who is about to go out into their student teaching experience, I am extremely grateful for the opportunities given to me by the tutoring center. I loved working in the math center, which not only gave me a chance to review the math curriculum on a weekly basis, but also allowed me to explore the different ways of explaining these concepts to a wide variety of students. This has allowed me to see larger connections across the various classes, and improved my ability to explain why problems are solved a specific way, rather than just how to solve them. I was also given the opportunity to work with the Pathways Program, in which I worked with other math tutors to plan study groups that would help students retain and understand material they learned in class. This will assist me in my upcoming student teaching, as well as my teaching career, by giving me practice in collaborating with peers, reflecting upon the week's lessons, planning lessons, creating more interactive lessons than lecture, working with diverse groups of learners, and teaching in front of a group of people. The list is huge, and I feel I would have been hard pressed to get similar experience at another job in Whitewater. I am grateful for the learning experience I received, and am ready to put it to use in a real classroom.

-- Caitlin Lemley, S.I. and Math Tutor, Fall 2011

Paul (left), former
S.I. & writing tutor, Fall 2011
Throughout my time working at the Academic Support Center, I was blessed with many opportunities and experiences. These opportunities and experiences not only helped me to become better at my job as a writing tutor, but also helped me learn and prepare for my future job as a high school English teacher. While employed at the Academic Support Center, there were many different facets to my job that were all fulfilling in their own ways: writing tutor, PPST tutor, in-class tutor, study skills tutor, and tutor for the campus' early childhood education cohorts. Each of these experiences presented me with new challenges that were rewarding both educationally and developmentally. For example, the interpersonal social skills that can be developed through one-on-one and group tutoring are priceless, and they can be used in any real-world endeavor that one may experience in the future. In addition to helping with social skills, the jobs offered by the Academic Support center also can aid student-workers in refining their own skills. Learning should be continuous, and there are very few ways for a person to constantly refine his/her skills (mine being English) that are better than being continuously exposed to different types of writing. The environment of the Academic Support Center has the ability to be both fun and professional at the same time, and it is because of this, and all of the other aforementioned reasons, that I would recommend this as a job to any motivated students.

-- Paul Bredesen, S.I. and Writing Tutor, Fall 2011

Amelia (left), former
math tutor, Fall 2011
Working as a learning assistant in the Academic Support Center has been an irreplaceable experience as a future math teacher. This job has aided greatly in the development of my communication skills, both in general and specifically in the world of mathematics. Working with students with different learning styles has helped me develop my ability to explain and show concepts in different ways, which has already proved useful both in field study and in teaching. The constant review has kept material fresh, while also allowing for further discovery along the way. Working in the Math Center has also helped with my ability to think on my feet, because questions stem from such a wide range of content. In my first year of tutoring, Dr. Staff approached me about Sunday Math Tutoring in the residence halls. He provided input and guidance while letting me basically take over the project. In starting up Sunday tutoring, I built in my ability to network, program, and problem-solve. When turn-outs were low, I still received support and was encouraged in my pursuit of a more successful program. When numbers were too high for me to handle on my own, I was provided with the support of another tutor. The expansion of Sunday Tutoring in the halls been extremely fulfilling, and it has provided more opportunity to work and connect with other students. Along with these experiences, one of biggest rewards of working in the Math Center is the connections I have formed with other students. Many of the same faces consistently come in, and I have developed some strong friendships and genuinely enjoyed my time working. Many students say how grateful they are for the help, but I have to explain to them that I am thankful because not only do I enjoy this, but it's helping me, too. Over the summer of 2011, I taught 7th and 8th grade math in Washington D.C., and I was immediately grateful for my experience within the Math Center. I was much more comfortable teaching at the board than I would have been if I hadn't tutored, and I already had an idea of typical misconceptions in math concepts. I was able to use and build off of explanations and skills I had developed in the Math Center, and I know that my students and I both truly benefitted from it. I am sad to have to move on next semester, but I know that I am better prepared for my student teaching internship because of the Math Center, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work here.

-- Amelia Tobias, Math Tutor, Fall 2011

Amanda (right), former
math & writing tutor,
Spring 2011
Working as a tutor has helped me in so many ways. I have had the opportunity to work with students at the University in many different subjects. I have helped them learn and reach their goals, but they also helped me do the same. Because I will be a teacher, it is important that I learn how to communicate and work with students in many different settings, and being a tutor on campus has allowed me to practice these skills. I also got to brush up on things that I need to know to teach in the future that I may have forgotten. I even practiced making lesson plans and creating worksheets. This has given me unique and important experience that has prepared me for my career and hopefully put me ahead of my competition.Tutoring also led to many other opportunities. I started working as just a math tutor in the walk-in Math Center, and that led to working as a writing tutor and in many other programs. I have gotten to work directly with professors on campus. It seemed like one opportunity always led into another. All of the work that I did as a tutor has been, and will continue to be, very beneficial to me. I now have resources, ideas, knowledge and experiences that I did not have before and that not many education majors can say they have when finishing college. I think that my work as a tutor will make my transition from a student to a teacher a lot easier. Nothing can replace experience.

-- Amanda Larson, Math & Writing Tutor, Spring 2011

David (right), former
math tutor, Spring 2011
I have learned many valuable skills from working as a math and accounting tutor that will be beneficial to me in my professional career.   My communication skills have improved since I started working as a tutor because I learned that to be a good tutor, you have to be able to explain one topic in many different ways.  Everyone has their own way of learning, so it is up to the tutor to adapt and change how they communicate so a student is able to learn the concepts.  When I graduate, I will be working in the field of accounting.  Effective communication is vital in accounting because I will need to explain complex information to many different people.  Explaining accounting topics to other students has solidified my knowledge of accounting, which will be helpful in passing the CPA exam and in my career.   Working as a tutor has also been a very rewarding experience.  It is great to see the results of your work when a student you tutored does well on an exam or gets a good grade in the class.  Overall, I have been able to help many people by working as a math and accounting tutor, but have also gained many skills along the way.

-- David Schneekloth, Math & Accounting Tutor, Spring 2011

Justin (far left), former
math tutor, Fall 2010
I originally began tutoring in the Math Center while I was pursuing my undergraduate degree in mathematics. The primary benefit for me at that time, besides the paycheck, was that helping clients with their math homework served as a great review of all the different things that I had learned and, in some cases, forgotten since I started taking math classes. When I returned to UWW for an accounting degree, I continued working at the Math Center without expecting it to provide any real benefit to my future career. However, as I took classes and learned more about the accounting profession, I came to realize the importance of being able to communicate technical information to people with all types of backgrounds. Working in the Math Center provided me the perfect opportunity to practice and refine this skill and I will benefit in my professional career because of it. 

-- Justin Guttenberg, Math Tutor, Spring 2011

Walter, former Math 
tutor, Fall 2010
After working at the Academic Support Center, I have developed important teaching skills as I become a Mathematics educator. The job has helped me in my ability to explain mathematics in various ways to different learners. As I move forward in developing into a teacher, I will look back and thank the Academic Support Center for giving me the opportunity to practice teaching before I have to student teach and be observed by professional educators. 

-- Walter Wells, Math Tutor, Fall 2010

Kayla, former S.I. 
tutor, Fall 2010
I came into college with every intention of continuing onto medical school after the completion of my bachelor's degree. My entire career plan changed after my first semester of serving as a learning assistant for general chemistry supplemental instruction. In my learning assistant position, I learned ways to differentiate content to meet the needs of individual students, as well implement study skills in a large group setting. I found great satisfaction in the academic improvements of my clients made possible through my use of pedagogy focused on active learning of the chemistry content. Although my career plan changed, I completed my major in biology and minor in chemistry. In addition, I added a secondary science teaching license. The supplemental instruction experience provided me with the opportunity to see that I could combine my love of the scientific content with my satisfaction from teaching. In my pre-clinical experiences of observation and participation, field study, and student teaching, I always felt prepared and comfortable because of the experience I had gained through my employment in the academic support center. Without my supplemental experience, I would have missed out on the opportunity to find my niche in the teaching profession.

-- Kayla Kasten, S.I. Tutor, Fall 2010

Anna, former German 
tutor, Spring 2010
Tutoring at the UWW Tutorial Center as a foreign language tutor has been an excellent work experience for me as an education major specializing in bilingual education. As a tutor I have been able to not only put the theoretical knowledge I attained through my course work to the test, but I would also go above and beyond book knowledge and lectures by designing my own creative interactive workshops for my tutees. Working with the Tutorial Center, I have tutored students in German and Spanish by helping those enrolled in courses with their essays and homework. I have also taught those who simply wanted to learn a foreign language on their own, as much as I have been involved in designing fun German language activities for the German Club. The possibilities in applying yourself creatively as a tutor at the Tutorial Center are endless. 

-- Anna Bassüner, German Tutor, Spring 2010

Amanda (right) with a 
student, Fall 2009
My student teaching experience is going really well so far.I have already taken over 2 classes full time and my cooperating teacher told me I am the best student teacher he has ever had!I feel really comfortable in front of the class and I know that is totally because of my S.I. experience.Also, I have a really broad range of abilities in my Introduction to Biology class, so I have been implementing a ton of S.I. literacy strategies.I have already done two reading guides and I just created a KWL for my students to complete before we begin our evolution unit.It is so awesome to feel so prepared.I'm sorry I found out about S.I. so late in my UWW career and that I couldn't do it for more semesters.It was a great experience and I will be a better teacher because of it.

-- Amanda Larson, S.I. Tutor, Fall 2009

Now that I have finished my work for the semester, I wanted to make certain to inform the University of what a tremendous help the school's German tutor in McCutchan Hall, Anna Bassuner, has been to my studies. Ms. Bassuner was patient, diligent, and very creative in her efforts to improve my understanding of course material, and I would be remiss if I did not take a moment to insure that those who operate the tutor center are aware of what a valuable asset they have in her. I simply cannot say enough about what Ms. Bassuner has meant to me, or what she does for the university. Thank You!

--Jeramiah Maynard, Client, Spring 2009