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 The Public Relations/Main Office for the Campus Tutorial Services is located in Mary Poppe Chrisman Success Center. The duties of the Graduate Assistant are twofold. As Graduate Assistant they provide managerial oversight of the operations and are responsible for the accuracy of our record keeping for both the clients who utilize our services and the learning assistants who work here. However, similiar to public relations staff, they perform a wide range of tasks, including communicating with clients and faculty, hosting the tours, speaking at events, fielding questions, creating and distributing the flyers, and updating our webpage, to name a few.

The Graduate Assistant can be reached by e-mail at or by phone at 262-472-1230 during its hours of operation:



Hi! My name is Staci Hasler and I am a 2017 graduate from UW-Whitewater. I obtained a Bachelors Degree  in psychology and  criminal justice. I have fallen in love with this amazing campus throughout the years, and have chosen to attend graduate school here to obtain my Master Degree. I am currently starting my second year in the Counselor Education Program with an ephasis in clinical mental health. After this three year program, I hope to take my degree into a career working with juveniles in the criminal justice system. I enjoy sitting down with people one on one to get to know them and learn about their passions and strengths. I love sports (I played volleyball for the University for 4 years), as well as hiking, and socializing. Working for the Tutorial Center has helped me learn more about this campus and the wide variety of  classes, clubs, and experiences that it offers its students. I have enjoyed working with this dedicated staff and I am looking forward to continuing my experience as a graduate assistant. I look forward to getting to know you all and helping you however I am able!