UW-Whitewater students tutorial services

One-on-One Tutor Request

A one-on-one/subject area tutor is a student who is available to tutor students by appointment only.  Students can reach out to one-on-one/subject area tutors via email to arrange a tutoring appointment outside of class time.  All tutoring appointments must take place in areas designated for Campus Tutorial Services.

Instructors have the opportunity to recommend a specific student as a tutor for their course by typing the full name of the student in the "Tutor Recommendation" box below.  If a recommendation is given, Tutorial Services will email the recommended student regarding the position, and cc the instructor in the email.  If instructors do not have a student they would like to recommend as a tutor, the position will be posted on HawkJobs for campus-wide recruitment. Please be aware that from the time a completed application is submitted to Campus Tutorial Services to the time that the tutor will be able to start working typically ranges from 4-5 weeks, due to the hiring and training process.  However, it is possible that the process will be longer or shorter-it varies by applicant. To request a one-on-one/subject area tutor for your class, please complete the form below.