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Writing Cyber Tutoring for Commuters & On-Line Learners

New:  Writing Cyber-Tutoring for Commuters & On-Line Learners

In this new addition to our Writing Center, technology-savvy learning assistants within our Writing Center have agreed to act as writing tutors in an online environment as opposed to face-to-face tutoring. For detailed information concerning the kind of writing support we offer, please click on the Writing Center link found to the left.

While convenient, online learning is not for everyone. To succeed, you need to be comfortable working and communicating online. In addition, you need to be someone who is organized, disciplined, and works ahead. To increase your chances for success, read the following information, and make sure that you can comply with the requirements before you decide to request Cyber-Tutoring.

Student Requests for Writing Cyber-Tutoring

Commuters or on-line students working on written projects can request support from a Writing Cyber-Tutor by contacting our office via e-mail at TutorCtr@uww.edu (for questions only, call 473-1230). Please include all pertinent information, including:

  1. your full name, address, net-ID, and contact information (phone and e-mail)
  2. the class and instructor
  3. specifics regarding the assignment
  4. the due date of the assignment
  5. what you hope to gain from working with a Writing Cyber-Tutor (your expectations)

The director will verify by checking your class schedule and contacting the instructor. It will take at least a week for this process, so we cannot accommodate last minute requests.

Following that, a Cyber-Tutor will be assigned and the initial contact will be made via e-mail. Please see "Minimum Hardware and Software Requirements" below for specifics regarding electronic exchanges. It is at the discretion of the Cyber-Tutor whether or not any phone conversations will supplement this process.

Instructor Requests For Cyber-Tutoring Class Support

If you are an instructor who teaches an on-line or hybrid course with writing assignments, you can contact the director to discuss possible Cyber-Tutoring support. Please e-mail TutorCtr@uww.edu or staffs@uww.edu.

Click here to view the specific courses already receiving Writing Cyber-Tutoring Support »

Minimum Hardware and Software Requirements All e-mail exchanges will be done within the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater e-mail platform (i.e., Net-ID@uww.edu). Documents must be drafted using Microsoft Office Word 2007 and saved as .docx files. Cyber-Tutors will use the Review features of "Track Changes" and "Comments" to embed their communications directly into the document.

SPECIAL NOTE: Currently, we are not able to offer online support for subject area tutoring. Please contact your course instructor to discuss options for receiving support.