UW-Whitewater students tutorial services

In-Class Tutor Request

An SI leader is a student who has already successfully completed the course and facilitates cooperative, interactive learning at weekly SI sessions, which are typically one hour long.  SI leaders are required to also attend the class that they SI for so they are conscious and knowledgeable of course content and learning methods.  During classroom sessions, the learning assistant can be used as an in-class tutor or as an in-class note taker.  The notes taken by the tutor during that week's class sessions will be distributed to all of the students who attended that week's SI session via email on Fridays.  SI leaders/in-class tutors cannot teach a class if the instructor is absent, grade assignments, make copies, etc.

Instructor benefits of SI include peer-to-peer teaching interaction that can also benefit students who would like additional time engaging in course content.  SI instructors are contracted to submit weekly lesson plans, which can be reviewed by instructors, and also give the opportunity for instructors to provide feedback and direction to their SI leader for SI sessions.  Instructors will receive weekly session reports from Campus Tutorial Services via email, which will include a description of the SI session, as written and submitted by the SI leader, and how many students attended the session.  The names of the students who attended the sessions cannot be released unless the instructor has had all students sign a FERPA waiver.  For more information regarding this process, please contact the Registrar's office.  The weekly session reports will also include a link which will allow instructors to provide feedback regarding their SI leader or any tutor employed by Tutorial Services.  All SI sessions take place in McCutchan Hall, Monday through Friday.  SI sessions must average 5-6 individuals per weekly session, or the SI session may be cancelled. In the event of having to cancel an SI due to the lack of student demand to warrent the expense of the SI, Campus Tutorial Services will not end tutorial support, but rather, the tutor will be reclassified as a one-on-one/subject area tutor. 

Instructors have the opportunity to recommend a specific student as a SI leader for their course by typing the full name of the student in the "SI Leader/In-Class Tutor Recommendation" box below.  If a recommendation is given, Tutorial Services will email the recommended student regarding the position, and cc the instructor in the email.  If instructors do not have a student they would like to recommend as a tutor, the position will be posted on HawkJobs for campus-wide recruitment.  Before any tutor is given an employment offer, Tutorial Services must receive approval of this hire from the appropriate department's Chair via the "Chair Approval" link.  Instructors must also briefly describe their need for an SI leader/in-class tutor in the request form below.

Please be aware that from the time a completed application is submitted to Campus Tutorial Services to the time that the tutor will be able to start working typically ranges from 4-5 weeks, due to the hiring and training process.  It is possible that the process will be longer or shorter-it varies by applicant.  However, Tutorial Services cannot guarantee that the recommended student will be hired for work, even if he or she is interested.  It is required for new SI leaders to sit-in on the class; therefore, if the recommended student's schedule does not allow him or her to attend the class, Tutorial Services cannot hire him or her as an SI leader/in-class tutor.  However, it is possible that the recommended student can still be hired as a one-on-one/subject area tutor for the course.  Also, budget restrictions and room availability may also be constraints in the hiring process of SI leaders.  If budget restrictions become an issue, a committee will be formed to decide which requests will be met. To request a SI leader/in-class tutor for your class, please complete the form below.