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HawkCard FAQ

Do I get a new HawkCard every year?

No. You only get one “free” HawkCard for your undergraduate career (or every 4 years). If you lose or damage it, the replacement fee is $25.00.


Can I change my meal plan if I don't like it?

Yes. Meal plan changes will be accepted during the second and third weeks of fall semester and the first two weeks of spring semester. Meal plan changes are effective the following Monday. Changes to a meal plan may be made in person at the HawkCard Office (UC 250) or by using our on-line change form.

How do I get involved with the meal plan program?

You can get involved by becoming active in your Hall Council, Residence Hall Association (RHA) or the UW-W Dining Services Committee. Residence Dining related topics covered by each of these organizations include program and menu planning and how well students' dining needs are being met. For more information or to become involved, contact us at 262.472.1437 or RHA at 262.472.4903. 

Am I required to have a meal plan?

According to university policy, freshman and sophomore students are required to reside in University operated Residence Halls during the academic year. If students wish to be exempt from the "Residency Requirement," they need to file the Application for Exemption form prior to signing a housing contract.

As stated in the University Housing Contract, "if you are a freshman or sophomore, you also agree to subscribe to one meal plan offered at the University."

If students wish to be exempt from the meal plan requirement, they need to meet one of the criteria below and contact the HawkCard Office with their request. Exceptions to the meal plan include:

  1. Students who have completed 60 credits or more.
  2. Married students.
  3. Veterans.
  4. Students who have resided in the residence halls for at least two full years.
  5. Students recognized by the University as having independent status.
  6. Students with junior, senior, or commuter status.
  7. Students 21 years of age or older. 

Exemptions to the mandatory meal plan policy will not be granted for employment reasons, class schedule conflicts, or for financial hardship. Exemptions requested due to medical conditions will be referred to the  Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD).

Is my meal plan refundable and can I save unused meals to use another week?

No. Weekly meal plan meals expire at the end of each week and do not accumulate to use later.

Guest Meals and Dining Dollar/Purple Point Discounts

If you have meals available, you can bring a non-UW-W guest to eat from dinner on Thursday through Sunday late night. One guest is allowed per meal period. Just tell the cashier you have a guest. Extra guest meals may also be purchased with Dining Dollars, Purple Points, cash, check or credit card.

Do Dining Dollars roll over?

Dining Dollars roll over from the fall semester to the spring semester, but expire at the end of the academic year and are non-refundable.

Can I just purchase Dining Dollars?

Each student or staff must be enrolled in a meal plan in order to have Dining Dollars. If a student or staff member has used all of their MyMeals, they must purchase more MyMeals before purchasing Dining Dollars.

Can I just use Purple Points?

Per UW System policy, all students under 21 must be on a meal plan the first four semesters that they are living in the residence hall, or until they reach junior status. Because a Purple Point Account can be used for so many different types of purchases, it is not considered a meal plan. 

Where can I use my Purple Points off campus?

  1. Cozumel Mexican Restaurant
  2. Culver’s
  3. Jimmy John’s
  4. McDonald’s
  5. Pizza Hut
  6. Domino's
  7. Rocky Rococo
  8. Casual Joe's
  9. Jersey Mike's
  10. Rosa’s Pizza
  11. Subway
  12. Topper’s Pizza
  13. Cost Cutters Family Hair Care

*Walmart does not accept Purple Points

Do Purple Points roll over?

Yes, they roll over from year-to-year until you graduate. Refunds are then given for amounts over $5.00 once the individual is no longer a student.

What is the difference between Purple Points and Dining Dollars?

Dining Dollars are required as a supplement to each weekly meal plan and can only be used for food purchases on-campus, while Purple Points are optional and can be used off-campus.You will save 15% by using Dining Dollars in the Esker Dining Hall, Prairie Street Market, Drumlin Erbert & Gerbert's or Drumlin Dining Hall. You will receive a 10% discount at all other on-campus restaurants. With Purple Points, you will save the 5.5% sales tax.

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