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Smoothing the Transition

Have you thought about where your student will receive health and counseling services while at UW-Whitewater?
You can help your student make a smooth transition to college life by encouraging them to use the on-campus University Health and Counseling Services (UHCS). Why?

  • The Ambrose Health Center is on campus and students can easily receive services during their school day without taking time out to travel. Often same day health appointments are available. In crisis situations, same day counseling appointments are also available.
  • The UHCS specializes in the unique needs of college students and is one of only 10% of college health centers in the nation that is accredited.
  • The licensed and/or certified staff at UHCS provide comparable care to what is likely available from the student's home Primary Care Provider (PCP) - physician, nurse practitioner, clinic or counselor. Having an in-house lab saves time and is generally quite affordable. Services are also available for chronic health care, disabilities and those needing allergy shots. Our professional mental health clinicians are equipped to handle a wide variety of psychological issues.
  • UHCS can coordinate care with the student's PCP by providing easy access to care for the student with acute issues and communicating with the PCP for further care, if the student signs a release of information form. We can also follow-up on acute or chronic problems that the PCP would like monitored while the student is at UW-W and communicate our findings with that PCP.
  • Students with medical or psychiatric concerns can receive their prescriptions through UHCS' physicians, nurse practitioners or psychiatrist. Many of the most commonly used medications can be dispensed from our clinic without a trip to the drugstore and are quite affordable.
  • There is no charge for physical health office visits, individual counseling sessions, or therapy groups.
  • Students can receive services in a timely manner even if they dont' have money for those services that have a fee. Fees can be charged to their university bill if they don't have cash, check or Purple Points at that time.
  • UHCS does not bill insurance, but your student will be provided with a receipt upon request that can be submitted to your insurance carrier.
  • UHCS participates in the Wisconsin Family Planning Only Services. Students who are enrolled in this state program can receive contraceptives and STI tests and medication for no charge.

Last Updated: 10/7/2019


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