Admissions and Academic Standards Committee


  1. To study and recommend to the Faculty Senate general policies relating to academic standards and admissions.
  2. To set and implement procedures necessary to carry out the general academic policies.
  3. To consider and pass on the problems relating to admissions, promotion and graduation of individual students whose cases involve factors seemingly irregular with respect to the procedure of the faculty and/or the regulations of the Board of Regents. Because of the confidential nature of student records, student members of this committee will not participate in meetings at which appeals or special requests of students are being considered.

For example: To consider and act upon requests of individual students for the granting of partial or full credit when such students leave before a semester ends; to consider and act upon requests of individual students involving credit status.


Two faculty members and an alternative faculty member elected from and by each college such that at least one faculty member from each college is a Master Advisor (either College or University Master Advisor) to serve as a committee member. The following are ex-officio members: Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs or designee; the Director of Admissions; the Registrar; the Executive Director of Academic Standards, the Director of Academic Advising and Exploration.

Note: This Committee meets during the summer and during winter break. Faculty who are elected to this Committee are expected to attend these between semester meetings.


Two-year staggered terms for elected faculty members and one-year terms for student members. Only ex officio members may serve consecutive terms.



Mike Dugan (A&C/Library)

Vacant (A&C master advisor, university or college) 2019
Matthew Sintchak (A&C/Library alt)

Hephzibah Kumpaty  (L&S)

John Fyre (L&S master advisor, university or college) 2019
Khyam Paneru (L&S alt)

Emily Beasley (EDU)

Rowand Robinson (EDU master advisor, university or college) 2018
Giuliana Miolo (EDU alt)

David Munro (B&E)

Shreyasee Das  (B&E master advisor, university or college) 2018
Carol Brunt (B&E alt)


Last revision 12/11/2017