University Committees

Faculty Compensation Committee



  1. To recommend to the Senate procedures and policies relating to faculty compensation.
  2. To serve as a source of information for the faculty on faculty compensation.



5 voting members

  • One faculty member from each set, elected by the Faculty of that rank:
    • Professor
    • Associate Professor
    • Assistant Professor
  • One faculty member at-large, to serve as Chairperson of the Committee, elected by all University faculty
  • One faculty member at-large, to serve as Chairperson-Elect (serving as Chairperson of the Committee during the second year of the two-year term), elected by all University faculty



Two-year staggered terms as follows:

One Professor elected in odd-numbered years.

One Associate Professor and one Assistant Professor elected in even-numbered years.

One Chairperson-Elect elected every year.

No more than two members may be from any one constituency.

-Adopted at All-Faculty Meeting (Extraordinary Session) on 4/2/2019


Current Committee Membership


page revised 9/20/2019