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Group Grants

Undergraduate Research Group Grant Application Process

1.       This is designed to support a group of students working on a mentored research project/scholarly activity with one or more faculty/staff mentor.  At the conclusion of the project, the group must be committed to an off campus presentation/competition to present the work of the group.

2.       Groups applying for funding through the group grant process should NOT have students applying for or have been granted an individual Undergraduate Research Grants or a research assistanship position through RAP.

3.       Groups interested in participation in this type of grant should have their mentor(s) submit an application via the link below.  Fall Group Grants are due on October 19th at 4PM and Spring Group Grants are due on Tuesday, February 21 2019 at 4PM.

4.        The application should include the following:

·         Description of the research project/scholarly activity and its merit

·         Expected number of students involved in the project supported by the Group Grant (i.e., project activities can include student(s) not eligible for a Group Grant but budgetary support cannot be requested for such students)

·         Presentation/competition event at the conclusion of the project (date, location, and other details as appropriate)

·         Estimated budget of the project (including travel to the presentation) – URP contribution to this budget is limited to 30% of the total budget, and cannot exceed $500 x # students eligible for support, whichever is lower.  The budget must be cost effective and substantial contributions outside of the Undergraduate Research Program (e.g., students’ personal funds, department/college contributions, etc.) are expected.

NOTE: Funds for each student are not a stipend but for materials and equipment. Funds can also be used for travel.

5.       A panel of reviewers evaluate the applications.  Award announcements are sent usually two weeks or earlier after submission deadline.

6.   Students participating in the group grant are encouraged to present the group's research at Spring Undergraduate Research Day.

7.   If you require to secure funds sooner (for planning purporses), please submit early. Early review and finalization may occur.

Group Grant Application

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