Research Scholars Program

This program seeks to enhance undergraduate research among new and existing faculty/staff.  Faculty/staff may request salaries to hire undergraduates to assist them in their research.  

Call for Proposals
New or returning mentors are eligible. Returning mentors must have at least two years without mentor grant involvement with the Undergraduate Research Program excluding Group Grants.  Each award provides up to $300 a semester or $600 an academic year to hire one or more research assistant(s) for the scholar.  Only Fall term applicants are eligible for full year assistantships.  Proposals involving projects that span an entire academic year will only be considered during the Fall application.  We particularly welcome proposals that might lead to future URP grants or student presentations at a future Undergraduate Research Day.  

Research Assistants working under the Research Scholars Program have the opportunity to collaborate with scholars on the scholars’ research.  Faculty/staff mentors applying for such assistance should be engaged in working on a scholarly or creative project.  The tasks assigned to the Research Assistant should help develop his/her skills as a future researcher and be appropriate to methods of inquiry and creativity in the faculty scholar’s discipline.  Research Assistants can be hired through this program for a maximum of one academic year for the entire duration of his/her college career at UW-Whitewater.

Application Process

  • Application of 1-2 pages should be submitted electronically via the link below.
  • A description of the project for which the Research Assistant will contribute.
  • Details on what tasks the Research Assistant(s) will undertake and an explanation of how this research opportunity will contribute to the Research Assistant’s understanding of research methods in the applicant’s field.
  • A description of how the Research Assistant will be recruited.  If a potential Research Assistant has already been identified, please provide information about why he/she is well suited for this project.
  • Application deadline:  4PM on October 22, 2018.


  •  The Research Assistant(s) contributes in tangible and significant ways to the faculty research project and is trained in appropriate research skills.
  • For full year assistantships, scholars and Research Assistants are expected to complete a mid-year online survey.  All grant recipients are expected to complete a final survey in which they respond to questions regarding project outcomes and student learning.  Scholars and Research Assistants will receive an email invitation to complete the surveys and are expected to complete them by indicated due dates.  All funding must be spent by the third Friday of April.
    Note:  Full year assistanships are only available to Fall term applicants.
  • Research Assistants are encouraged to present results at Fall Undergraduate Research Days and consider applying for a URP grant to continue the project in the following academic year as appropriate.
  • Up to five awards per semester are available per academic year. Each faculty/staff mentor who is awarded a grant will select the Research Assistant, who will be hired through the Undergraduate Research Program.  The exact terms of employment (e.g., pay rate, number of hours per week, etc.) are to be determined by the mutual agreement between the faculty/staff mentor and the Research Assistant.  Faculty/staff mentors can decide on a stipend payment to the Research Assistant(s) or for their pay to be hourly.  Students do not receive academic credit for being part of this program.  The Undergraduate Research Council will evaluate all applications and make recommendations to the Program Director.  Award decisions are expected to be made by late October for Fall applications and by late February for Spring applications.

Research Scholars Application

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