Undergraduate Research Program
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F.A.Q. by mentors

  • What is RAP?

RAP stands for Research Apprenticeship Program. As a RAP mentor, you will be assigned one or more RAP students who will assist you with your research over the course of two semesters.

  • How many RAP students am I allowed to have?

Each RAP mentor is allowed up to 3 RAP students per academic year. If a student drops out of the program or switches mentors, RAP staff will work to provide you with a different student to assist you with your research activities.

  • Can I hand-pick my RAP students or are they randomly assigned to me?

RAP welcomes students that you hand pick to work with you. If you wish to work with a specific student, simply have them apply to the program, and make sure they indicate you as a mentor. If you do not identify a student to work with, RAP staff will match you with an applicant who has similar research interests yours. We ask students and mentors to meet face-to-face before they agree to work together. To streamline this process, we would appreciate it if you can provide detailed descriptions of the project(s) you have in mind for getting RAP student(s) involved so we can assign RAP student(s) whose skills, abilities and/or research interests align most closely with yours

  • What are the eligibility requirements for a student to be accepted in RAP, in case I want to recruit someone to be my RAP student?

In order to apply to be a RAP student, students must be of either freshman or sophomore standing and have been at UW-W for no more than four semesters when they apply. Transfer students with less than 72 transfer credits may also apply.
There is no GPA requirement for applying to RAP.

  • Do I receive a stipend or expense budget to purchase materials needed for my research if I am a mentor?

RAP mentors DO NOT receive a stipend. However, each RAP mentor is allotted a $300 expense budget per RAP student. This money can be used to purchase research supplies, or to be used towards other acceptable expenses. Please contact the URP office for more information regarding what expenses are acceptable.

  • What kind of time commitment is required of RAP mentors?

It varies per mentor. Some mentors prefer to work directly with their RAP student(s), some prefer to give students direction and let them work on their own, while others will match up their RAP student with an undergraduate peer mentor from their labs. In general, each RAP student is allotted 125 hours each school year (two semesters), which breaks down to 4-5 hours per week. You and your RAP student(s) decide on their actual work schedule together.
Your RAP student(s) are required to submit a timesheet to the RAP office every two weeks for getting paid.  If the timesheet is submitted electronically, the email MUST be CC'd to you as well, which will indicate that you have reviewed and approved the hours of your RAP students(s).  You can also choose to sign a hard copy of their time sheet.

  • What are the expectations for RAP students? How are they different from those of URP students?

Unlike URP students, RAP students are not required to submit a research proposal. They are also not expected to create a poster and present their research, although they may choose to do so.  RAP is designed to get students new to campus involved in academic research, so many students who complete RAP may not be at a level to complete a poster, which is perfectly okay. It is our hope that students who successfully complete RAP will move on to other undergraduate research opportunities, such as regular Undergraduate Research grants or Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) projects. It is also our hope that RAP mentors will continue to mentor their RAP students in other URP endeavors even after they have completed RAP, but this is in not a requirement of RAP mentors.

Since RAP students get paid a stipend, they CANNOT register for research credits like regular undergraduate research students. Students cannot receive a UR grant as the lead student investigator while they are also part of RAP. However, a RAP student can be part of a research team with other students who are working on their research projects funded by UW-W URP.

RAP students are not eligible to go to NCUR, though, depending on the venue, we may invite them to participate in the UW System Symposium for Research and Creative Activities along with UR students.

  •  Do I need to do anything related to the RAP D2L course?

Every RAP student is expected to complete the course titled "Research methods and Ethics" on D2L. This course is meant to provide a forum for discussion about  research methods and techniques used in your discipline, and the importance of ethical behavior between you and your RAP student. Please take a few moment to look over the course outline provided on the sidebar with your RAP student(s), and decide together which of the "Research methods" submodule aligns most closely with the field of study that you would like your RAP student(s) to complete.  Also, there are several activities embedded in that course that ask your RAP student(s) to interact with you as part of the course requirement.  Please help your RAP student(s) become able and ethical practitioners in your discipline.

  • What type(s) of support can I expect from RAP staff for my RAP students as well as for me as a mentor?

Feel free to contact RAP staff at any time with questions, comments or concerns. The RAP staff does its best to ensure that all students, as well as mentors, are happy with their placements. It is also the goal of the RAP staff to take care of any problems that arise as efficiently as possible. Please don't hesitate to contact our office or stop by!

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email Juk Bhattacharyya (bhattacj@uww.edu)
You may also contact  RAP directly ( rap@uww.edu)

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RAP information
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