Resources for Students & Mentors

      Resources for Students & Mentors

      Resources for Students

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      College of letters & sciences

      • Political Science - Larry Anderson: an introduction on how to get started in Undergraduate Research in Political Science
      • Geography & Geology - Juk Bhattacharyya: This website provides resources for Undergraduate Research in Geology
      • Geography & Geology - Eric Compas:
        • This website provides a map of where Geography & Geology students have conducted Undergraduate Research
        • This handout provides information relevant about Undergraduate Research in the Department of Geography & Geology
      • History - Anthony Gulig: This website provides models of exemplary Undergraduate Research projects in History and information on how to develop projects
      • Biological Sciences - Eric Brown:
          • This website introduces students to Undergraduate Research in Biological Sciences and available equpiment and facilities
          • This website highlights recent departmental news
          • This link provides a directory listing of faculty and staff
      • Biological Sciences - Josh Kapfer: This website provides information on resources to support Biology Undergraduate Research
      • Sociology, Anthropology & Criminal Justice - Jennifer Flad:
          • This website profiles Undergraduate Research students in the department and faculty Mentors
          • This brochure provides information on the Undergraduate Research Program and the Sociology, Anthropology, & Criminal Justice department
      • Mathematical & Computer Sciences - Hien Nguyen: This website provides information about Undergraduate Research in Mathematical and Computer 

      Resources for Faculty

      College of Letters and Sciences

      College of Arts and Communication

      Collge of Business and Economics

      URP Equipment Available for Checkout

      • Laptop x 1
      • iPad x 1
      • iPad Mini x 4
        Please inquire with for checking out items.


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