Undergraduate Research Program
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SURF Awards 2017


Mary Abbott

Mentor: Teresa Lind
Research: Glass and Metal Casting
Impact Statement

Rachel Bautzmann

Mentor: Nicholas Tippery
Research: Assessing the Genetic Diversity of Native and Non-Native Phragmites (common reed) in Wisconsin
Impact Statement

Thomas Coull

Mentor: Steven Girard
Research: Utilizing Thermoelectric Semiconductors to Create Ideal Fermentation Conditions
Impact Statement

Katherine Dondlinger

Mentor: Alena Holmes
Research: Language Acquisition through Folk Songs: in an Elementary Classroom Setting: A Case Study
Impact Statement

Jacob Fischer

Mentor: Renee Melton
Research: The Annette & Dale Schuh Visiting Artist Endowment Branding
Impact Statement

Anna Fry

Mentor: Steven Girard
Research: Supplementing Student Engagement using Games in Undergraduate General Chemistry
Impact Statement

Taylor Griffith

Mentor: David Welsch
Research: Evaluating the Affects of Gang Acivity on Academic Achievement
Impact Statement

Theodore Hawver

Mentor: Gregory Jeffers
Research: Prisoner Identity
Impact Statement

Maria Hilgers

Mentor:  Rex Hanger
Research: Nearshore Gastropod Fauna of the Mukwonago River State Natural Area #417
Impact Statement

Nate Kelty

Mentor: Jonah Ralston
Research: Determining Causes of Attrition in the Whitewater School District
Impact Statement

Lindsey Kuhagen

Mentor: Kris Curran
Research: Using Luciferase Reporter Genes to Monitor Onset of Circadian Rhythm in the Embryonic Heart of Xenopus laevis tadpoles
Impact Statement

Phibi Miller

Mentor: Stephen Levas
Research: Synergistic Impacts of Coastal Eutrophication and Elevated Ocean Temperature on Coral and Overlying Reef Seawater Chemistry
Impact Statement

William John Petry

Mentor: Karl Brown
Research: Rural Wisconsin during Prohibition
Impact Statement

Brandon Rust

Mentor: Yuhan Xue
Research: The Social Health Impact of Access to Alcohol
Impact Statement

Jamie Sharp

Mentor: Molly Patterson
Research: Near East Foundation 1915-1935: Transitions
Impact Statement

Jessica Stevens

Mentor: Aditya Simha
Research: Does Indiviualism/Collectivism affect the Relationship between Trust and Life Satisfaction? An Analysis of Individuals from the G20 Countries!
Impact Statement

Mitchell Van Dyke

Mentor: Brian O'Neill
Research: Tadpole Shrimp Interactions: Drivers and Feedback in an Ephemeral Pond Community
Impact Statement

HANA Worsham

Mentor: Sharri VanAlstine
Research: Middle School Girls' Musical Preference: Factors that Impact Familiarity and Motivation to Learn New Music
Impact Statement

Conner Yass, Tiffany Bianco, & Julia Clayton

Mentor: Lynn Gilbertson
Research: 3D Modeling and Novel Mixed Material Fusion Deposition Modeling (FDM) to produce an anatomically realistic and physiologically functional larynx and improve student learning
Impact Statement

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