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CoBE Student Travel

1.     Program Goals/Activities

To support and encourage research by our most talented undergraduate researchers, the College of Business and Economics is initiating an Undergraduate Research Travel Grant program.  The specific goal of this program is to provide support for students to travel with a faculty mentor to a national, international or (less preferred) regional professional meeting to make a research presentation (either oral or poster).  This program is intended to complement the experience students gain by presenting at NCUR through the support of the Undergraduate Research program.  It is particularly suitable for students who have already presented at NCUR.

2.     Eligibility 

Up to $800 is available to support travel by each student.  10 awards in total are available annually.  Support for faculty travel should be requested through the College Professional Development Plan, or funded extramurally.  Students enrolled full time in a College of Business and Economics major are eligible.  They must be juniors or seniors and have a UW-Whitewater cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher.  Mentors must be College of Business and Economics tenure-track or tenured faculty or academic staff members holding at least a 50% appointment.  If there is an excess of grant applications, the following criteria will be considered in awarding travel grants:

  • Student GPA
  • Student interest/success in research (participation in the UW-Whitewater Undergraduate Research Program and work toward a research-based honors thesis are especially relevant here)
  • Faculty history of successful mentoring of research students (including student authorship on publications, student conference presentations or other relevant activities)
  • Distribution of funds among mentors and departments/programs
  • Travel arrangement is cost effective

3.     Deadline and Application Procedure

Requests will be accepted in each academic year from July 15 to March 15.  Faculty must request funds on behalf of student presenters using the form available here.  Please also paste copies of the student's unofficial transcript, student's CV, a description of the research project/scholarly activity to be presented (highlighting the student's role), and a brief mentor CV into the Word file containing the form. E-mail this file, as an attachment, to the Undergraduate Research Program (urp@uww.edu) as early as possible.  When sending the respective email, please insert "CoBE Student Travel Award Application" in the subject line.  The Director will make recommendations to the CoBE Dean Dr. John Chenoweth.  Awards will be announced by e-mail as soon as possible.  

For faculty, all out-of-state travel must receive prior approval from the College.  Please use the form provided here and submit it to Dean Dr. John Chenoweth (Hyland Hall 4300B) for approval before out-of-state travel commences.

Applicants should NOT finalize travel arrangements (i.e., purchase plane ticket, register for conference, etc) before approval.

4.     Reimbursement

Travel must be completed and reimbursement forms submitted by June 20 of the academic year in question.  All reimbursements must follow state and UW System guidelines as described by the UW-Whitewater Travel Information Office.  All forms must be turned in the Undergraduate Research Program office, Andersen Library 2115, via hard copy.  Please see our FAQ page for additional information: FAQ.

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