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Call for Nominations:
2023 University Staff Excellence Awards

We will begin accepting nominations for the 2023 University Staff Excellence Awards starting November 1, 2022.  These awards recognize UW-W University Staff employees who demonstrate excellence, professionalism, and a positive attitude in their work.  Two awards will be presented to selected nominees during the 2023 spring semester.   Click this LINK to nominate a University Staff.


Eligible individuals must be:

  • A University Staff employee
  • Employed for a minimum of 12 months at UW-W

If you are not sure if the candidate you would like to nominate is University Staff, please contact Human Resources at x1024 or email

Instructions for Submitting a Nomination:

A nomination form must be completed for each nominee.  Nominations for this award are accepted from peers, colleagues, supervisors, etc.  Self-nominations are not accepted.

The nomination form will ask the following questions:

  1. Please describe the nominee's professionalism and attitude. How do they demonstrate a flexible and adaptable approach and collaborate/communicate positively with others in the campus community?
  2. Please describe how the nominee demonstrates excellence. How do they take the initiative and go above and beyond, seek additional responsibilities, anticipate needs and find solutions?
  3. Please describe the nominee's ability to create an inclusive environment. How do they foster respect, mindful communication, safety, and trust?
  4. What else should the USC Employee Recognition Committee know about the nominee?

Click this LINK to nominate a University Staff.

Deadline to nominate is March 1, 2023.

Selection Process:

All nomination forms received between November 1 and March 1, 2023 will be considered for the 2023 award. The University Staff Council Employee Recognition Committee will review nominations received by the deadline and select recipients for these awards.  Award recipients will be notified no later than April 7.

Award presentations will be made to the selected recipients.  Details will be available closer to the event date.


If you have additional questions, please contact Jacqui Palcic at 262-472-1313 or


Past Award Recipients

Name/Department Name/Department Name/Department
Ann Dudzek Elizabeth Lamb Paul Walton
Univesity Health and Counceling Services Department of Languages and Literatures Facilities Planning & Management

Name/Department Name/Department
Amber Kammeraad Karen Brueggeman
Biology University Health & Counseling Services

Name/Department Name/Department
Julia Rowehl Grechen Kinney
Chemistry College of Education and Professional Studies

Name/Department Name/Department
Wes Enterline Lori Trimble
Facilities Planning and Management Social Work
Tricia Borchardt (retired) Edward Kos
Computer Science Facilities Planning and Management

Name/Department Name/Department
Melissa Walton Mande Zierath
Center for Global Education Sociology, Criminology, Anthropology
Melissa Walton Mande Zierath
Name/Department Name/Department
Kelsey Servi Kate Bramann
Police Department Andersen Library
Kelsey Servi Kate Bramann
Janice Nordin (retired) Miguel Aranda
Registrar's Office Undergraduate Research and University Honors
Janice Nordin Miguel Aranda
Name/Department Name/Department
Eunice Lehner Ayn Hess
Career and Leadership Development History
Eunice Lehner Ayn Hess
Name/Department Name/Department
Julie Marino Nick Ciesinski
Curriculum and Instruction iCIT
Julie Marino Nick Ciensinski