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COVID-19 Dashboard

The COVID-19 pandemic is an ever-changing situation and the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater actively monitors and reviews a series of health, safety, and resource metrics to guide decision-making with regard to university operations. These metrics are considered in combination and consultation with recommendations and orders from the state and county health departments before any changes in operations are made.

Last Updated 5/10/2021 at 9 AM

The COVID-19 Dashboard is updated on business days with available data. Numbers include cases reported through university-coordinated testing. 

UW-Whitewater At A Glance

UW-Whitewater Total PCR Percent Positive UW-Whitewater Total Antigen Percent Positive
15.3% 0.6% 

Regional Metrics

UW-Whitewater*  Walworth County
(4/20 - 5/3) 
Rock County (4/21-5/4) Jefferson County (14-day average) Wisconsin (7-day average) 
Percent Positive 15.3% 3.61% 6.0% 11.2% 3.2%
Time to complete contact tracing 100% of contacts are initiated within 48 hours** 98.17% of contacts are initiated within 48 hours 60% of contacts are initiated within 48 hours Not Available N/A
Healthcare system capacity level No crisis management of care 68.13% ICU Beds Available  22% ICU Beds Available  Not Available 17% Available (Based on Immediate Bed Availability)
Total cases per 100,000 N/A 112.1 322.0 118.1 150.1

*UW-Whitewater percentage positive is based on PCR testing performed at university-coordinated testing sites only. Case totals are represented by Total Positives/Total PCR Test Results Received. 

**To avoid duplication, UHCS actively partners with Walworth, Rock, and Jefferson Health Departments.  County Health Departments do tracing of positive cases and UHCS employees do tracing of contact cases. 

Previous 7 days of PCR Tests Administered

**PCR data includes the Hamilton Room Testing Site, University Health and Counseling Services and Athletics

PCR* Test Date # of PCR Tests Administered
4/29/21 3
4/30/21 5
5/3/21 10
5/4/21 6
5/5/21 11
5/6/21 7
5/7/21 6

*PCR testing is conducted on symptomatic individuals and individuals with positive Antigen testing results.

Total All PCR Tests Total Number of PCR Negative Total Number of PCR Positive Total Percentage Positive
934 822 148 15.3%

Line chart of PCR Percent Positive

Previous 7 days of Antigen Testing Administered

**Antigen Data includes numbers from the Hamilton Room Testing Site, University Health and Counseling Services and Athletics

Antigen Test Date # of Antigen Tests Administered # of Antigen Positive Results Percentage Positive
4/29/21 548 0 0.0%
4/30/21 498 2 0.4%
5/3/21 515 6 1.2%
5/4/21 439 2 0.5%
5/5/21 428 2 0.5%
5/6/21 542 5 0.9%
5/7/21 592 0 0.0%
Total All Antigen Tests 43,241 240 0.6%

Bar graph of Antigen Testing

Additional UW-Whitewater metrics

Capacity for Isolating/Quarantining Individuals on Campus Spaces in Use Spaces Available Total Spaces
Quarantine 2 43 45
Isolation 2 120 122
Total 4 163 167

The university is also monitoring the current PPE supply and supply chain, staffing levels across both campuses, and compliance of university safety protocols.