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Assessment Day 2021


Presentation Submissions

  • Record a video of a mini-presentation (3-5 minutes), and email the link or mp4 file to Videos will be uploaded to our campus Media Management Platform (Rev).
  • The video can be of any assessment related work you would like to share with the UWW community. Consider assessment topics such as equitable and inclusive practices, course based evaluation of student learning, program/college processes, high impact practices, and essential learning outcomes (e.g., written/oral communication, critical thinking, quantitative reasoning). This is a wonderful opportunity to learn from one another and add to your professional resume or CV.
  • Videos can be recorded in any platform you are most comfortable (e.g., WebEx, PowerPoint, Kaltura). Some guides on how to record videos can be found here.

Presentation Viewing Access

Presentations will be available by visiting Vitrual Access to Assessment 2021 on 2/22/21.  View the videos and post your comments and feedback on each video before 2/24/21.  We will recognize those who submitted videos and share awards on Assessment day.

Check In To Conference

Registrants can access the virtual conference by visiting Vitrual Access to Assessment 2021.   

What You Need to Sign Into Conference

  • A computer, tablet, or smartphone with speakers
  • A reliable internet connection
  • Microphone or webcam (these are not required)

WebEx will be the hosting platform for this event.  Meeting links for joining will be available a week prior to the event.  We will email you and provide the link to access sessions.

Questions or need help before or on the day of the event? Please call 262-472-3165 or email


Dr. Karen Singer-Freeman

Director of Academic Planning and Assessment, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Keynote | Equity in Assessment: Designing Assignments to Support Student Success
Assignments and assessments may be some of the most important components of our classes. Student work on assignments influences the extent to which they learn important concepts. The grades and feedback they receive influences both their success in a major and their feelings about the extent to which they belong in an institution or in a major. In this keynote address Dr. Singer-Freeman will discuss features of assignments and assessments that can interfere with students' ability to demonstrate proficiency. She will provide a range of simple ways that assignments and assessments can be improved to increase equity and support the success of all students.

Dr. Karen Singer-Freeman is the Director of Academic Planning and Assessment in the Office of Assessment and Accreditation at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Previously, Dr. Singer-Freeman served as an Associate Professor and Department Chair of Psychology at Purchase College, State University of New York where she received the Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. Her research examines educational interventions that support the academic success of underserved students. Dr. Singer-Freeman has authored articles and book chapters on pedagogy and assessment and was named a Scientific Thinking and Integrative Reasoning Scholar by the Association of American Colleges and Universities.

Assessment Day Video

Learn more about Assessment Day, please watch this video.


The below archive includes information on keynote speakers, presentation materials, photos and videos, and importantly, downloadable PDFs of the many poster presentations for each year (with the exception of 2014).  During leap years, such as in 2020, the university does not host an Assessment Day; instead, the focus is on LEAP Day.  

As the archives attest, participation in Assessment Day has grown to be quite large there is a great deal of knowledge of assessment contained here!

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