Artist Kiki Smith

2022-23 Season

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Requests for Horizons outreach may be made by phone at the same time as you place your reservation for a performance, or by calling the Education and Outreach Coordinator at 262-472-1432. Workshop availability is limited and requests are filled in the order that they are taken. We reserve the right to match requests for outreach activities based on the number of participants and geographical location of the school. Some workshops may only be available to school groups that purchase seats for the corresponding performances. Dates and times for outreach are negotiated between the school contact and the Education and Outreach Coordinator based on the presenter's availability. All outreach activities take place at your school, unless otherwise noted. Please call 262-472-1432 for more information. Our Programs »


The mission of the Horizons program of UW-Whitewater's Young Auditorium is to support the curriculum of schools by providing culturally diverse programs for K-12 students. This will be accomplished by:

  • Cultivating a lasting appreciation of the performing arts among young people through performances and hands-on, interactive outreach opportunities.
  • Offering culturally diverse programming -that addresses Wisconsin State Academic Standards.
  • Supporting teachers through professional development opportunities in the arts.