Friends of Young Auditorium

Become a Friend of Young Auditorium 

We are committed to our mission of providing world-class performing arts, entertainment, and educational opportunities to the communities we serve, enriching the lives of the campus and regional communities. The enduring commitment to the arts from our friends allows Young Auditorium to maintain excellence in artistic programming at reasonable ticket prices.

When you become a friend through your partially tax-deductible contribution, you receive unique benefits including ticket discounts, exclusive member presales, and much more! Check out the details below regarding our different levels of contribution. Take note of all the great benefits, select the option that works best for you, and a member of our friends program today! 


Financial Need

Ticket Revenue accounts for only 50% of our budget. The remaining amount has to be raised from government and private sources. The financial contribution of individuals has always played a critical role in the programming.

Value & Community

Member Support ensures that high quality programming continues to be available at an affordable price. Tickets are often 10-20% less than in nearby cities - plus the auditorium provides a convenient and intimate venue for experiencing performances.

Arts education remains a focus of our mission. Every season an average of 12,000 K-12 students attend a cultural or artistic performance at the Young Auditorium. Guarantee that the arts will continue to be a part of every child's education.