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Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability.

  • What is the speed limit of a Utility Vehicle at UW-Whitewater on the sidewalks?
  • What are two examples of a Utility Vehicle?
  • What is required to be used while operating a Utility Vehicle during the night hours?
  • If crossing the street in a Utility Vehicle, where should this be done at?
  • When can Utility Vehicles be used/ operated?
  • What are possible consequences for not following the rules of operation of the Utility Vehicles on UW-Whitewater campus?
  • If the operator of a Utility Vehicle is going to park the Utility Vehicle, the parking brake should always be engaged.
  • Any operator and any Utility Vehicle can drive in the prairie on UW-Whitewater campus.
  • If there are not enough seats for every passenger in the Utility Vehicle being operated, it is okay for someone to ride in the cargo area of the Utility Vehicle.
  • Any operator of a Utility Vehicle on UW-Whitewater campus must have a valid driver's license.
  • Utility Vehicles can be driven on any of the sidewalks on UW-Whitewater campus.
  • Utility Vehicles must be clearly and uniformly identified on the front and back of each vehicle.