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    Online Bachelor's Degrees

    Begin your journey with a bachelor’s degree.

    There’s no denying the importance of a bachelor’s college degree. Not only does it deliver an unparalleled sense of pride, but it can propel your career, increase your earnings, and open a world of possibility. Request Info

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    We know you want to spend your education dollars wisely. Fortunately, UW-Whitewater Online is a superior value and ranked among the best in the nation.

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    Earning a degree through University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Online begins with admissions. Let us help you find your path.

    Online Bachelor's Programs

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    Online Bachelor’s of Accounting

    Professionals with an accounting degree can work in almost any industry imaginable. Students gain knowledge of accounting principles, tax law, financial and managerial accounting, cost management, auditing, accounting information systems and advanced applications of technology such as data analysis and visualization programs.

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    Online Bachelor’s of Applied Arts and Sciences

    The Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) degree is for students who hold an applied associate degree and want to take the next step in furthering their education. With an associate degree, students transfer in at least 60 "applied" credits, entering the program with "junior" status. Students then complete the coursework to earn the BAAS degree with a minimum of 120 credits.

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    Online Bachelor's in Business Analytics

    Business analysts play a crucial role in connecting the worlds of information technology and business.  Accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), this 120-credit BBA prepares students to assess processes, determine requirements, and deliver data-driven recommendations to move business forward.

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    Online Bachelor’s in Communication - Corporate and Health Communication

    The Online Bachelor’s in Communication - Corporate and Health Communication prepares students to capitalize on advancements in technology and emerging markets as professionals with advanced skills who support organizations through strategic communication both internally and externally.

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    Online Bachelor’s in Early Child Care and Education

    The Early Child Care and Education degree was designed to provide a creative and flexible pathway to a Bachelor's degree for early childhood educators and leaders.

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    Online Bachelor's in Economics

    Decision-making in the ever-changing world of supply and demand is at the foundation of the field of Economics. Our program emphasizes the development of skills in Analytical and Critical Thinking; Quantitative and Statistical Proficiency; and Economic Literacy and Knowledge. Students learn Marginal Thinking; Acquisition and Analysis of Data; and the Structure and Function of Economic Systems.

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    Online Bachelor's in Finance

    The strategic management of resources is the basis for the field of finance. Roles often suited for Finance majors include helping individuals, corporations and governmental organizations reach their financial goals. Graduates are prepared to work as security analysts, financial planners, and personal and corporate investment managers.

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    Online Bachelor's in General Business

    Studies in management, accounting, economics, finance, marketing, safety and risk management, and ethics and diversity make the General Business major such a broad program. Students earning this degree gain a wide breadth of knowledge and are prepared for work in a variety of careers in business, as well as government, education and nonprofit organizations.

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    Online Bachelor’s in Human Performance

    Health and wellness are at the forefront of people’s minds now more than ever, and the Human Performance major will prepare you for a rewarding career in exercise science, health/fitness, recreation or sport management.

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    Online Bachelor's in Human Resource Management

    Human resource management professionals can work in nearly any industry imaginable and help businesses and organizations function effectively.

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    Online Bachelor's in International Business

    As companies expand into other countries or work with global suppliers and customers, employees with international knowledge become increasingly valuable. International Business is a unique major available to UW-Whitewater Bachelor of Business Administration students.

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    Online Bachelor's in Liberal Studies

    The Liberal Studies program offers students an educational experience that emphasizes broad academic inquiry and purposeful interdisciplinarity. The online program is a good fit for students whose interests fall outside a discipline-specific major, transfer students, and returning students.

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    Online Bachelor's in Management

    Successful management teams are adept at coordinating an organization’s resources to identify business opportunities and develop strategies for continued growth and success. Students earning Management degrees will learn about topics such as stakeholder management, motivation, leadership, strategy and ethics, and will be prepared to work in business, nonprofit and government organizations.

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    Online Bachelor's in Marketing

    Marketing is the relationship builder between businesses and consumers. Marketing professionals form relationships in-person, digitally, and/or through mobile marketing efforts. Marketing students learn about research, analysis, design, pricing, promotion, distribution, and strategy. Students can specialize their studies by adding a Digital Marketing emphasis.

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    Online Bachelor's in Political Science

    The Political Science programs prepare students for a variety of exciting careers in the private and public sector and for professional and graduate school. The online program offers the opportunity to take courses in the major areas of the field: American Politics, International Politics, Comparative Politics, Political Theory, and Public Policy.

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    Online Bachelor's in Occupational Safety

    Occupational Safety professionals are dedicated to protecting the safety and health of both workers and the public. It is a hands-on and constantly changing field that spans all sectors of the economy. Professionals in this field evaluate the workplace environment and implement programs that ensure employee and customer safety, health, and productivity, as well as environmental and regulatory compliance.

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    Online Bachelor’s in Special Education

    The Online Bachelor’s in Special Education is an undergraduate teacher preparation program leading to cross categorical certification to teach students with intellectual, emotional/behavioral and learning disabilities.

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    Online Bachelor’s of Supply Chain Management

    Supply chain management is a rapidly growing field being shaped by technology, international competition and other global factors. Supply chain management professionals can work in nearly any industry imaginable. They must be familiar with computer technology, quantitative methods, and planning and problem-solving techniques.